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Thread: Item Feedback

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    Coming from the perspective of recognisability, I think most of the old icons are better. For many of the new ones, there is just too little contrast between the background and the actual item, obscuring the item's shape. Also, they feel dim and dark, and have a lot of unnecessary busyness in them. I do like the less prominent lines around the icons, but overall I feel like the new icon set will be harder to use, and I'll end up just memorising items by position rather than icon for easier shopping.

    Blade of Alacrity, Ogre Axe
    Ultimate Orb
    TP Scroll
    Almost every other icon. Seriously, the staff of Dagon is barely visible! Arcane Boots doesn't look clearly like a boot at all! Force Staff looks like a green blur (not quite, but consider eg. people watching a stream in less than HD quality. That's all they'll see!) Heart of Tarrasque looks like a meteor or something!

    I would really prefer if you stuck to a simpler, cleaner style, and didn't just add detail for the hell of it. Don't get me wrong, these are some great illustrations, I just don't think they are suitable for their intended purpose (easy and quick recognisability, while fitting into the overall art direction of the game.)

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    I just didn't like a few items... the rest is awesome!!!

    I miss the awesome Blink Dagger background with those swirls....

    Robe of the Magi background should be bluish, green indicates agility.

    Props to Vlad's, SO PERFECT!!! Basilius and Aquila are awesome too!!!

    Reaver is a bit too dark...

    People who didn't like dagon, have you tried upgrading it??? Looks badass!!!!!
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    So first and foremost I have to say that overall everything looks a lot more polished to me. I feel like a lot of people are complaining because they simply don't like change, which is a shame. Only a few items stick out to me as looking out of place:

    Boots of Elvenskin - They don't look like boots at all :O

    Aghanims: This is probably the worst looking icon, but I'm assuming its unfinished.

    Mjollnir - I believe this one is unfinished as well but I figured I'd be thorough. The Maelstrom looks AMAZING and then when you upgrade it, it looks like this :-/

    Satanic - It's not that the icon looks bad, it just doesn't fit the name at all for me.

    Mask of Madness - The item looks too dark (Haven't checked if it changes colors when activated)

    S&Y - I think they look great by themselves, but I'm not digging the green bubbly feel when they've combined

    Everything else looks amazing gj!

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    I have no idea as to why you would change the art style like this. Doesn't fit the game at all - not the HUD nor the items. I love the old icons, the new ones just make me sad and are better suited in diablo where the artstyle is gritty.

    I love the minimalism dota2 offers in HUD and map. This new patch completely changes that.

    People who doesn't agree with can say that I'm against change all they want, that's not the case.

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    Okey I will just post very quickly now and then go into more details tomorrow. I did really enjoy most of the new HUD. I do think that the potrait was a bit thin and that the sword was a tad to big but overall good. K/D CS information would be good if it got moved back imo as well. Some of the new icons looks great! But the general problem with them is that they are too dark and saturated. Another problem which I had is that almost all of the icons look like shit in the shop. You can barely see what they are. But then when you purchase them they really fit well all look good. Some have worse concepts that the previous mekansm, eye of skadi. But yeah this is my short post. Going for a long one tomorrow when I have checked things out a bit more and played with them.

    Tl;dr: heading in the right direction with the HUD. New icons are both good or bad, most of them too dark. So make them brighter-

    E: the icons can be a bit cleaner as well. I really liked that alot.

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    Manta Syle looks awesome.

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    Just make the high tier and the most expensive items to look better than the low tier items and consumables, like it was before the change!

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    I like most of the new icons, but there are a few that don't stand up to their old icons. I've already expressed my dislike for the new Mjollnir icon, but here are a few more that I think need improvement.

    Daedalus: The old icon was very detailed and colorful. The new one looks cheaper and not as powerful a weapon. The gray coloring is unattractive compared to the gold of the old icon, and the bow itself is too small/narrow.
    Satanic: I'm not sure what this new one is supposed to represent, but I felt the original one was more fitting (both the color and shape).
    Divive Rapier: The original looked more "divine" with its bigger/wider blade and golden handle. The new shape looks very odd (compared to the cleaner and symmetrical look of the old icon), especially the bulge near the handle.
    Eye of Skadi: The actual eye looks nice, but it needs the ice/frost coloring of the original.
    Orchid Malevolence: I like the detail of the new icon, but it needs darker brown coloring like the original icon to show the wooden rod.
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    I was discussing the new Icons with a friend, and decided to transcribe the Cat into a Post. This is by no means exhaustive or detailed, but it is a recollection of the first things that struck me. Here are my two cents:

    I like the new Orchid - Looks really cool. Ditto for Eul and Force Staff.

    Aquila doesn't look bad, but the old one wasn't too shabby either.

    Str Gloves look like they were ripped straight put of Blender. They look too much like a 3D model.

    Boots of Elvenskin are no longer Boots, but they look neat. Perhaps they should be renamed to... Leggings? Wristbands? What are those?

    The new Ultimate Orb looks very lousy, I like the previous one better. This one looks like a Yellowish Supernova being obstructed by a cardboard cutout.

    All the Boosters (Vitality, Energy, Point and Soul) look a bit Plastic to me.

    I love the new Gem of Sight. The Eye Design really works for me. Plus, I wasn't a fan of the previous look. Not sure how well it will read when it's dropped, tho...

    I like the new Poor Man's Shield. Stands out a lot more than the previous one when compared to the Buckler.

    The New Soul Ring looks Great. It's a lot more "Demonic Pact" inspiring than the previous one.

    Void Stone is now an actual Stone rather than a little rock on a Ring. I wonder if Perseverance could be redesigned to look more like a combination of the RoH and VS.

    The New Headdress looks far too convoluted. It barely reads as a Hat at all.

    While we are on the Topic of Headgear, Vladimir and Dominator may be a bit too busy as well. I'm not a fan of the Kabuto Mask of MAdness, but it looks good.

    Mekan looks like a Starcraft Beacon. Too High Tech for me.

    Heaven's Halberd looks great. I'm glad it finally got a propper Icon. Always felt bad for it =(

    Mjolnir isn't finished, is it? I like the overall form factor, but it looks quite empty.

    And last, but not least, I guess Satanic is now a... Lizard? Feathered Snake? I mean, it was a thing with thingies before, but now it's... I don't know.

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    Thinking about it, the old necronomicon was so cool... I think it was better and I will miss it....

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