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Thread: Item Feedback

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    Oh, they all are so cool. Good job. But what about courier's icob and ward's icon?
    Sorry for my bad english.

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    I personally have a problem with Stout Shield and Poor Man's Shield. The fact that the Poor Man's Shield is so clean (no details on it) makes it look like the basic version, instead of being the upgraped Stout Shield (wich has red lines detailing it).

    Also, not a fan of Morbid Mask lacking more red or "something". Right now it looks to me like it should give armor instead of Lifestealing (from its looks).

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    EDIT: I'd change Scythe of Vyse to look more.....Hexy
    Mjollnyr lacks...something
    Satanic looks like tentacle
    Armlet could look more...painfully

    Also the new hud is great
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    Quote Originally Posted by vladhood View Post
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow

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    OMG Awesome! Force staff, Heaven's halberd and Medallion<3

    What i think needs to be re-worked / re-colored:

    Oblivions staff - too dark colors, old one was better.

    Urn - Too messy, would look better without so much that green stuff

    Mekansm - It should look similiar to medallion (Dota1 meka^^)

    Dagon - Too dark colors and way too small for a staff that 1 shots people.

    Armlet - Dont like this at all, old look was better but needes a background like that

    Helm of dominator - I like this but would look better with old colors (orange)

    Mjollnir - Needs the lightning

    Skadi - Needs a cold blue background

    Satanic - Wtf is this?xD should be like a mask or something imo

    Ring of basi and armlet - Swap active/non active effects.
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    Don't like them at all, they feel really busy whereas the old ones are pretty simple and distinctive.

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    My only problem is Mjöllnir, it looks incredibly wierd compared to the others.

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    i really hated the old icons. the new ones are much much better.
    like you said, some still need some work. abyssal blade for example :/

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    I feel like the new ulti orb icon could use some work! Perhaps it's the black color being backlight by the yellow/white-- Maybe lighten the color a bit? Perhaps it may be the background as well. I'm not sure, but it looks off compared to all the other great icons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikuu View Post
    Don't like them at all, they feel really busy whereas the old ones are pretty simple and distinctive.
    Couldn't agree more.

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    Mjollner looks very plain. It looks like maelstrom took a downgrade after the eaglesong. They should reflect that eaglesong is the only thing that separates a mjollner from a maelstrom
    Desolator looked better pre change imo.
    Skadi could look a bit more.. chilled. more blue.
    Rapier no longer looks like a rapier in the 16th century design. The serrated edges make it look like a bread knife.
    Dagon could use some sprucing up.

    Other than those 4, everything looks fantastic. I liked the old Urn a lot but this new one blows it out of the water. Looks like a Censer.
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