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Thread: Item Feedback

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    Smile Feedback

    Here's my feedback:
    ('Good' and 'Bad' as in it got better/worse compared to previous version, in my opinion )

    • Heaven's Halberd Obviously the best icon. 10/10!
    • Ironwood Branch I like the dim green-ish glow in the background.
    • Quelling Blade Love the details on the blade!
    • Monkey King Bar Epic items should be epic. :P
    • Boots of Travel Love the 'wing' details.
    • Vladmir's Offering Looks more badass!
    • Yasha Love the background glow.
    • Medallion of Courage Looks better! Previous one looks like a wooden medal.
    • Mekans I just personally love the concept.
    • Refresher Orb
    • Bloodstone Looks better.
    • Vanguard Love that red-ish lighting!

    • Mjollnir Obvious.
    • Boots of Elvenskin love the new icon, it has that keen elf feeling. But that's obviously not a boots.
    • Desolator It's too 'cartoonic', it doesn't have that sharp-metal-edge-of-a-schyte look
    • Ultimate Orb Previous one's better.
    • Sange and Yasha I just don't like it; The blades are too dark and the background color is very ..uneasy? strange?
    • Satanic It doesn't look like a weapon; Personally don't like it.
    • Circlet Too dark.
    • Dagon(1-3) Too dark. Love the new art, though! Change the color of the wood(?) part to Dagon 5 or 4's, IMO.
    • Blades of Attack Too dark.
    • Mask of Madness Too dark.
    • Sange Needs a little bit of metallic shine imo.
    • Chainmail Looks more like a shirt to me.
    • Headdress I didn't know it was a headdress at first LOL.
    • Daedalus I like the previous one better.
    • Shadowblade It needs more detail.
    • Mystic Staff Why is the orb green? it looks kinda venomous..
    • Divine Rapier Personally, the previous one is better.
    • Reaver Love the new icon, but it's too dark.. I can't enjoy the details.
    • Aghanim's Scepter I don't like the new form; it looks like a spaceship on my first glance lol
    • Magic Wand Personally the previous is better.
    • Energy, Vitality, Point Booster Looks somehow rather dull.
    • Staff of Wizardry The wood part is too dark; it doesn't match the orb's brightness.
    • Soul Ring It looks like a badass evil gold cobra snake at first.. Maybe change the view angle?

    Maybe i missed some item i'd like to put in here; but overall, some items' color were too dark.
    ( like MoM, circlet, blades of attack, staff of wizardry's wood part, etc. )

    Also, totally agreed with SoJa:
    Quote Originally Posted by SoJa View Post
    I wanted the update for the icons, but not such a radical change.
    All i wanted is to work more on backgrounds since there was some black empty icons like yasha, drums and etc.
    This is how i was imagining it:

    Simple yet neat editing, nothing special.
    And the new icons have some weird dark pallete which looks horribly out of place if you ask me.
    Also there was a lot of not necessary details added to icons.
    Hope this helps!
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    Like the new style a lot.

    Some of them though need some tweaks:

    Diffusal blade - lvl 1 and 2 need to look different.

    Orbs (mainly point boosters)- look bland. Maybe some sort of "glass shpere like" effect on them?

    Satanic - looks a bit akward. Maybe a sraight long sword with fangs and eyes (blood), horns and such? Nothing unique ofcourse, but makes a bit more sense. O ar medalion/ mask of some sort. I liked the "idol" style a bit more.

    Eye of scadi - background a bit too dark. Maybe some "blue....ish" effect? (Like arcane boots).

    "Sheep staff" - lacks the sheep. I mean the sheep skull could be a bit bigger. Looks more like a "pimped out" saw then a staff. Actualy from a far it looks like a lizard/camel spitting water.

    Deadalus - too "darkish". Previous one looked better.

    Mjolrnir - bland. Lacks a "kick" in it's style.

    Soul ring - great desing, but maybe twist it to the side, so it would be more visible, that it is a ring.

    Armlet - could use a "glow" effect. Or switch the "active" with "inactive" icon places. A clanched fist looks more "aggresive" and therefore "active".

    Monkey king staff - still lacks a monkey (the head looks more like a boar/ chinese dragons head ). Maybe it's just me.

    Personaly these items look better with the "old hud". The old icons fit in more with the "new hud" style. Somehow they just look better with one another. In my humble opinion. Maybe a "hud hat" later in the store? For changing the art style not just the hero skin?

    Still - the new art is neat. Everything looks great, well a tweak here and there, but the general art style is just as it should be.

    Personal favorites:

    Dagon - is superb (the difference between levels).

    Necronimicon - epic (same as dagon).

    Vladimir - superb (maybe just change the lifesteal effect from green to red so that others wouldn't mind. I find his current art syle fits best for such an item).

    Relic - superb (maybe a style more like an idol not a mask? Either way - superb)

    Linkens sphere - superb (always liked it though).

    So that's my feedback.
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    i have some there
    Boots of Elvenskin isnt boots
    Mask of Madness too dark
    SaY too dark
    Satanic does not look as "hell" as before, the old is better
    Soul ring looks scary
    Urna - better to remove the green smoke
    Reaver too dark
    Mechasm what is it? space radar? lol
    Deadalus gold color was better than it.
    Eye of Scadi - add some blue color
    Stick (53 gold) revome green effect
    Wands olds was better
    btw all looks interesting, but need some lightening and change some items.
    nice work, Valve
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    I suggested to make poll but if none did that..
    Arcane boots - old icon was enough detailed and that new light only disturbs.
    Bloodstone - i really dont like that white stroke.
    Boots of Elvenskin - Its boots but not bracelet!
    Branches - Old model was better it simply and doesn't need improvement.but imo.
    Dagon - old and new models are unsuccessful. old is not finished, new is too unsharp.
    Energy booster - old was bad new even worse. pls do more transparency colours ets. its magic orb but not simple one coloured orb stone. same with other boosters.
    Etheral Blade - old was better. better size colours and model.
    Gem - just bad!( rework it completely.
    Headress - old model was finished and doesn't need to rework it.
    Helm of the Dominator - i dont like.
    Hyperstone - colour is too green. and that transparency is not a good idea i suppose.
    Shadow blade - edge looks not realistic.
    Wand - old was better. no need to change.
    Mask of madness - bad model, no background.
    Mithrill Hummer - old model was better. the old hammer's material more suitable also is combined with general items style.
    Mjolnir - WTF is it. piece of light blue shit.
    Mystic Stuff - old model was enough detailed. new is too saturated and textured.
    Devine Rapier - old model was better.
    Reaver - old was finished. new is very indiscernible.
    SAY - i don't like that kind of blade models.
    Satanic - WTF is that shit. no comments.
    HEX - old model is better.
    BOT - old model is better!!
    Ultimate orb - again im in for old model.
    Vladmirs should be green.

    All other icons are made well or perfectly.
    Ty for attention and sorry for grammar mistakes.

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    Please use this kind of art style instead of trying to morph the incons into some 91's AC3D failed project .

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    need to fix MOM asap
    or just remain its as the old one

    the new is too odd

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    Personal favorites
    •Ethereal Blade - Looks badass.
    •Heavens Halberd - Perfect.
    •Dust - Really nice.
    •Medallion - Looking good, like the lion crest.
    •Mekansm - Cool.
    •Radiance - Superb.
    •Vladimirs - Really, really cool.
    •Necronomicon - Best icons IMO.

    Need more work:
    •Mjollnir - Looks unfinished.
    •Boots of Elvenskin - Looks nice, but not like boots.
    •Sange and Yasha - A bit too much focus on the glow and not the blades.
    •Satanic - Not sure what this is supposed to look like, don't like it at all.
    •Blades of Attack - Too dark.
    •Mask of Madness - Too dark.
    •Gauntlet - Too dark.
    •Daedalus - Too tiny and looks like a crossbow, liked the previous one better.
    •Shadowblade - Needs more detail.
    •Divine Rapier - Needs to look more badass, liked the previous one better.
    •Reaver - Looks nice, but way to dark.
    •Couriers - Need new background
    •Energy, Vitality, Point Booster - Looks rather boring.
    •Staff of Wizardry - The wood part is too dark, it doesn't match the orb's brightness.
    •Soul Ring - Change angle, can't really see that it's a ring.
    •Armlet - The active icon clearly needs more work. Does not look like it's active and does not look similar to the inactive icon.
    •Monkey King Bar - Needs more work, does not look badass enough IMO.

    Overall: A lot of icons were too dark, need more light to enjoy the details.
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    The things that bothers me the most of the new items are that they look very blurry, shiny, dark and clay looking (typical examples are: bracer, buckler, vanguard and quelling blade). There are however some great looking items such as: crystalys, radiance, bloodstone, abbysal blade, heaven's halberd, hand of midas and mekanism.

    The rest of the items pretty much look lika a mess, some of the items that looks most horrible compared to the old ones are: dagon, urn of shadows, sage's mask, divine rapier, ultimate orb, mjollnir, hood of defiance, soul ring and energy booster.

    In conclusion, the new items have some kind of blurry/clay looking theme which imo does not look great. There are however some great improvements to a few items that you guys needs to learn from in order to improve the rest of the items and why some of the items are awful looking.
    Last edited by Porre; 05-02-2012 at 05:04 AM. Reason: After a few more games I realized how awful Sange and Yasha looked like, removed it as "great looking".

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    I do not like armlet, GEM, Dominator, manta style, rapiers, melnir, Midas, mekansm, MKB, vladimir, reaver, Sange and Yasha, Necromonikon (al 3), Sacred relic, wraith band Heh, heart tarasque , BelTA giant strengh. I think they are not natural looking. Bring back the old please. Others just simply looking gorgeous.

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    Many of the new items are looking better now. But for me, I feel like some of them lost their/a remarkable "color code". When I look to my inventory while a big teamfight takes place, some icons are worse to recognise, cause they lost a clear "color sheme" (atleast I think so...).
    For example Vladimirs Offering now: some dark thingy with a hard-to-see-shape on a red background --> could be anything, nothing really memorable.
    Some of them also lost their "clear" appearance, like Chainmail.

    But the far most of them are really impressive and good, especially the aura-effected items

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