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Thread: Item Feedback

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    Apr 2012
    Plz return old item look. I cant look at that pictures. 90% of them are really bad. When i saw Magic Wand and Mordigan i thought that it was a joke... Only desolator and pipe seems to be nice, other is really very very bad... Can you at least add possibility to use old items look in options. Sorry for my bad English, I hope you'll read that message. Love Dota 2, that's first change for a half of a year, that i hate really strong.

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    I realy like it specialy the manta

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    Smile feedback to the items !

    In my opinion most of the items that you changed are looking really good
    but there are some like tangoes, salve, clarity or the 150g items that look not so great
    i dont like that graphic style like manga or cartoon like its more in leagueoflegends
    in my opinion these items looked better before the patch
    also the atack statics of a hero or the button to skill looked better before the patch.
    but all in all its a positive update of dota
    good job guys!

    PS : the KD in the game was much better as it was on the right-top sight of the screen
    cause now there are too much things in the screen in the bottom right side
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    Just wanted to voice my opinion: I dislike the design of the new items. Far too flashy, shiny and just overdone. Please return to the simpler style.

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    Latest update icons:

    Items that look great:
    Bloodstone looks amazing.
    Hand of Midas
    Mekansm don't understand why people are complaining about this one, it looks great.
    Null Talisman
    Power treads way way better
    Ring Of Aquila amazing.
    Ring Of Basilius amazing.
    Ring Of Health perfect.
    Robe of magi great.
    Void Stone absolutely great.

    "Old" icons that I think are way better:
    Clarity potion
    Poor mans shield needs to be round IMO.
    Satanic definitely very bad old icon was good.
    Wraith Band
    Drum of Endurace even though it doesn't look like a drum I think old icon was really good.
    Vanguard old one was way better new one looks shady weird angle.

    Mixed feelings:
    Armlet of Mordiggian I like new icon but I think old one was better.
    Sange And Yasha not sure about this one, seems alright, maybe just not used to it yet.
    Linkin Sphere looks good but way to dark has to be a little brighter.
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    Reaver, and divine reaper look a lot worse then before. Sange and Yasha seperate are pretty good, but the combined item is too dark, you cant see the blades very well.

    Satanic is a bit confusing, i have no clue what that thing is?

    All others are pretty good in my opinion.

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    Agree with all the items, upgrades, much needed reworks, and improved aesthetics. I particularly love the Manta, and Abyssal blade, among others. All in alll, a brilliant job from my point of view.

    - Old Battle Fury was better.
    - Bottle needs just a hint of background. I don't agree with simply black on ANY item's background.
    - Same as above for branch
    - Old mana potion was overall more pleasing, zoomed in.
    - Ring of Health, Of Regeneration and of Protection are portrayed too simple.
    - Energy, Point, and Vitality boosters are missing some "epicness" related with their level of importance.
    - Old Stout shield was better.

    These were some of my humble opinions.
    P.s - I applaud the sange & yasha, and Vladimir. They are spectacular.

    edit - what I meant to say on the boosters, is that there are a lot of "orb-type" items, and they could be imagined differently rather than spheres. like for example, void stone and orb of venom.
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    The new skin of GEM of True Sight is not working when I put the item on the floor.

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    Part of why I like this game so much is the art style that is used throughout the entire game. From the heroes, to the items, to the map elements. It just looks so much better than, say, the art styles of LoL or HoN. It reminds me a bit of the TF2 type style; simple yet polished.

    That said, I think a lot of the item changes are good. I'm usually a fan of adding more detail as long as the integrity of the art style is kept in tact and the items aren't made to look too 'real'. However, a do have a few complaints.

    A lot of the items seem way too dark making it hard to see the grey overlay cooldown timer at a quick glance, which is actually a pretty big deal. Maybe make the CD timer whiter?

    Some of the new item pictures aren't as good as the originals, namely; Divine Rapier, Gem of True Sight, Satanic, and Boots of Elvenskin, and secondly (mainly personal preference) Orchid Malevolence, Scythe of Vyse, Mekansm, Headress, and Blade of Alacrity (fixed already).

    The pitch black background of most icons doesn't work well with the rest of the HUD. When there is not an item in a slot the background is the grey color that is seen across the whole HUD. I'd say keep the background of the items that color or close to, but the dark black is completely out of place.

    The K/D/A and LH/Denies numbers are a bit small. It's fine during the game because I don't look at it that much, but spectating any game or watching any stream and trying to pay attention to it is a bit of a strain on the eyes.

    Edit: I really like the small changes to the items like the various Boosters and the Dagon levels. Keep it coming!
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    Just a few about those who hooked me in:
    Sage's Mask - Perfect.
    Ring of Basilus - For Ladies.
    Mask of Madness - Don't know what to think. I was not what I was waiting for.
    Veil - Nice.
    Medallion - Nice.
    Satanic - WHAT is that? Confuse.

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