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Thread: Item Feedback

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    Change the Satanic picture. It looks so weird? I thought it was an octopus tentacle or something.

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    My complaints about the new icons, as follows

    - Clarity and Salve looked better partially filled
    - Gem doesn't look like a gem so much as a green orb surrounded by some stone casing. It doesn't visually communicate "true sight" to me, nor does it look like the WC3 version
    - Boots of Elvenskin are now Shinguards of Elvenskin. I'd actually like if they were changed from being called "boots" to prevent confusion for new players, but for now it's just kind of dumb to have it look the way it does and call it a boot.
    - Chainmail is now a dirty white shirt. May as well call it Cloth Armor With Shoulder Pads.
    - Sage's Mask looked better in pink
    - Old Magic Wand icon was better. It had a more unique style to it and really fit well aesthetically with Magic Stick. The new one is just plain boring and ugly.
    - Soul Ring design looks great, but the angle of the ring is too sharp. I'd like to be able to see more of the actual ring part.
    - The blade part of the old Manta Style icon looked much better than the current version. It's hard to say why, exactly.
    - Can activated Armlet not be light pink? That's not a very threatening color. Blood red would be much more suitable.
    - Old Helm of the Dominator icon lacked proper shading and fine details of a finished icon, but it looked much more like a Helm, and was much more similar to the WC3 version. The new icon looks nice, but it doesn't communicate "helm of domination" at all.
    - New Mask of Madness looks good everywhere except the mouth area. The glow being split like that looks odd.
    - I preferred the old Sange, Yasha, and Sange & Yasha icons having the blade being the prominent point of the icon instead of the new versions where the hilts are the prominent points.
    - Ethereal Blade and Butterfly are too visually similar. A simple flip of the Ethereal Blade icon on the Y axis should fix that.
    - The blade part of Divine Rapier has way too many spikes. It looks ridiculous instead of Divine.
    - The fur on the inside of Belt of Strength looked better in the old version, where it looked like fur and not yellow spikes
    - It took me almost a month of playing this game to figure out that Eaglesong was supposed to be part of a bow. Perhaps zoom the icon out a bit to show more of the bow structure
    - The blade part of Lothar's looked better in the old version. It looked more transparent and communicated the idea of invisibility better.
    - New Hood of Defiance is way too dark. The old icon was fine, really.

    That's about it, though. I absolutely love the new Orchid, Dagon, Mekansm, Halberd, Maelstrom, and Mjollnir icons.

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    I think Hyperstone should get turned into a stone.
    Currently, it's a ring and no stone.

    Also, I'd say that Soul Ring should get turned into a real ring.
    Currently, it's nothing I understand of wearable ring.
    It could keep its look/apperance, but it would be better, if it was connected to a round like Ring of Aquilla having a "face" on a wearable ring, aswell.

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    The new SnY appears desatured and "inactive" compared to the previous version, which had a bit of color and shine to the blades.

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    its gettin better and better, I like all the icons now except:
    Gem < not gem, as previously discussed on many other threads
    S&Y < too dark blades, cant see that it consists of 2 different coloured blades
    SATANIC << why force this thing? We dont even know what this is (afaiDk)
    sobi mask < could be pinky as original
    urn < just not green... its like grass all around.
    also, rename boots of elvenskin to something else then boots
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    This is for the Phantom Lancer Patch (on the test client) May 2, 2012
    Every icon not specifically mentioned is perfect.

    Tango - Removing the background/aura was a good idea . I suppose accounting for 1,2,3 and multiple stacks of Tangos might be a bit much, though I still think it would be worth it to add in.
    Smoke of Deceit - Making the Smoke of Deceit the same color as the Dust of Appearance (purple) was a mistake. Changing the Dust's color would be the easiest I think. I recommend pairing this with a rather strong visual effect in game as well. I still see experienced casters and players getting these items confused, lets try and fix that!
    Dust of Appearance - (see above)

    Boots of Elvenskin - Assuming this item will become "Elvish Bracer" the background coloring is too dark. Make it nearly black like the rest of the simple attribute items, as it's already green enough to represent it's attribute.
    Robe of the Magi - Make the background nearly black like the rest of the simple attribute items. The slight yellow/gold/white of this item, as well as it's shape differentiates it enough from the Mantle of Intelligence.
    Staff of Wizardry - Background is too blue, tone it down like the rest of the basic attribute items, if you want a background make it grey like the Blade of Alacrity.

    Chainmail - Looking back at the old icon the chain texture was very nice . Right now it looks like "padded white shirt" rather than any type of mail .
    Platemail - I still think it looks a tad too slender compared with the old one . They may be the same but the perspective has an effect as well, pretty nearly perfect though.
    Mithril Hammer - I still don't like the greenish color, nor the rounded shape of this hammer . The old shape was nice, but it looked like plain stone, rather than mithril (it needed to be shiny silver).

    Gem of True Sight - This is really bad. The ring of rocks is pointless. It's a green pearl rather than a gem. There is only one Gem in this game. A gem, by the way, is a CUT rock or mineral. It should have facets on it. Nearly every other magical stone in the rest of the items is smooth and uncut (except for Ring of Regen), this one needs to be cut, there needs to be facets on it.
    Talisman of Evasion - Still not a fan of the color scheme. I would prefer something silver and gold such as Ring of Protection .
    Blink Dagger - Disco lights I believe somebody said . Although I believe the in game visual is a bunch of little dots of energy when you blink, I think the swirls in the background of the earlier blink dagger represented the movement capabilities of the item far better .

    Magic Wand - The background was cleaned up, great! Right now the item looks a little monochromatic. I wonder if it would be possible to make the wand portion above the grip brown in color, as if it was made of wood? Also I don't know if it is necessary to have the little orb in the pommel be the same color as the tip of the wand. I don't think it's necessary to keep the Wand monochromatic to represent it's simplicity, both Magic Wand and Magic Stick take up the least amount of real estate of any item Icon.
    Soul Ring - Without the smoke it is more easily discernible as a ring, great artwork, poor perspective. I think its pretty much good enough.
    Oblivion Staff - Pretty tricky thing to change considering it's a component of Orchid which looks amazingly perfect. The mono-color of this item doesn't really fit it considering it's many different bonuses. I can see how the colors distinguish it as a component of the Orchid quite clearly, but as a stand alone item it looks out of place. Adding a barely visible glow of red on the head where the spiral design is located would be perfect I think. It would tie in to the Orchid's design, as well as giving the Oblivion Staff more color.
    Perseverance - (Although I said it would be nice to incorporate Perseverance's component icons, this icon is really too good too change.)

    Headdress - While the new perspective does help a tiny bit in identifying what it is, perhaps pulling back further would help the most. Pulling back far enough so that you can see the full silhouette, as well as the ring of red material around the face/front of the mask.
    Urn of Shadows - I'm getting used to this item.
    Medallion of Courage - I don't like the brown "beard" the lion has been given . The gold portion under his chin should be the same color as the rest of the medallion, as it was before .
    Arcane Boots - The blue aura/glow is a bit too strong, but whatever, very nearly perfect...
    Drum of Endurance - Including the full silhouette of the Drum shows that it's designed to be carried. I think the muddier green aura around the older drum fit this well balanced (attribute wise) item better than the green aura it has now . Also the design of the old aura was more sophisticated.

    Aghanim's Scepter - Slightly better in shape. The slight halo of white around it is too bright / not needed? I wonder if you could make the currently gold metal portion silver and red like the Ogre Club, while having the metal in the grip and pommel (I assume that's what is in the bottom right corner of the picture) to be slightly green like the Blade of Alacrity. It would be great to see all four of it's components represented in the item, but it may not be possible. (I liked the the purple color/glow of the two jewels in the last one .)
    Refresher Orb - I prefer the old one . Right now it's too generic, it looks like a plain glob of energy. I think the refresher should have more order/structure.
    Scyth of Vyse - As I thought, the glow definitely lets you know it's the magical ability of the item that is valuable (rather than it's non existent ability to cleave head from body). Instead of having the entire blade glow so brightly perhaps it would be better to have a thin brightly glowing edge such as the top finger of current Dagon5 . Although it sounds like nitpicking this icon is not at the right point yet.

    Shadow Blade - As mentioned before, the icon does not do the item justice. I would still like to see a blade made out of shadow/smoke, there is definitely a lot of untapped potential for this item.
    Divine Rapier - Not bad, pretty good, but not incredible. I still think the best idea design wise would be to focus on it's Rapier aspect.
    Abyssal Blade - I swear this item is always blurry as heck. The aquamarine aura and red light at top is sort of ugly. While letting bright red light shine on the edge does create a visible line between the blade and background, it is better to just color the blade normally and include a more brightly colored background to create the visible line you want.

    Hood of Defiance - Too cartoony, The smaller almost angry eyes of the old icon looked better . The current purple and orange look a little ugly/flamboyant , compared to the blended colors of before. Current aura is nice though.
    Shiva's Guard - "Pay 5k and get one pauldron? I never understood this icon. Why not show a nice full chest piece? Is there something I'm not understanding?" While the DOTA1 icon looks like the shoulder piece of a larger suit of armor (to which it is attached), the current Shiva's Guard looks like a single stand alone shoulder pad . This should be changed
    Manta Style - I'm getting used to this item.

    Heaven's Halbred - I liked the slight color behind the Halbred in the previous picture , compared with the stark background of the current. It is a finished item... Still really excellent design on the Halbred itself.
    Sange and Yasha - Please god no . It now has a way uglier monocolor green background instead of the epic green/blue background of the old one. No traces of red at all is also horrible, it is THE strength/agility item and should be represented as such. Just take the old icon and give Sange the smallest red glow so that you can see it's shape behind Yasha. (Although I would much rather you just keep the old icon in it's entirety rather than have this new abomination.)
    Eye of Skadi - Awesome job on the icy part of this. I find that the aquamarine color used in many icons is ugly, this one included. Other examples include Scyth of Vyse, Magic wand, Shadow Blade, Headdress, and Shiva's Guard. It works well in Tranquil Boots. Compared with the aura around Eaglesong and old S&Y which look excellent. Is this just me? Perhaps...
    Satanic - Nice change in perspective, by cutting off the wriggling end it now looks like the tip of some beastly weapon. The background color is hideous. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. A nice reddish/grey background, sort of like older Heart of Tarrasque , would be much better . Also I just noticed that the top of the Satanic is supposed to be bone, rather than a white mohawk . I have a feeling many other people have made this mistake. A bone/horn on top makes a lot more sense but it looks more like hair, can something be done?

    Energy/Vitality/Point Booster - Better, but it ain't enough! All three basic boosters look like plastic globes. The more matte finish, as well as the slight texture looks excellent on the soul booster. Note the way the reflection of light is handled between them. The basic boosters are a simple point of light, while the Soul Booster is more refined.
    Hyperstone - The two sides of the Hyperstone do not match. The left side looks translucent, while the right side does not. This is pretty strange. I think the right side is more appropriate.
    Demon Edge - Thanks for giving me a good laugh! The very earliest form of Demon Edge looked the best , with it's slightly textured blade. Every other iteration is simply a blurry downgrade . They don't even match the new style better...
    Reaver - I must wonder why yellow was chosen for this at all? Definitely not representative of the beefiest strength component item. The aura itself looks quite nice compared to the plain red background of before . Going into more detail I would say that the light at the edge of the blade, and reflecting off various parts should be neutral rather then red. The red of the Reaver should be in a recolored aura. This way the aura does not blend in with the edges of the item.
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    the new eye of skadi icy effect is nice. but it looks kinda weird on the item slot(in-game). i dont know.maybe because it contrast with the hud color?
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    Linken looks rly bad, old icon was much better... same for Deso. (show some love to Skady to)

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    I think you've misunderstood what we mean. Aghanim Scepter is really odd. It's like a huge crystal is growing from it, or a flame. I dunno and I have no clue.. all I know is that I'm not happy with it.

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