Blink Dagger = Old one was the perfect blink dagger
Vanguard = just way too ugly. I didnt like the the old one either but at least it looked clean.
Linken's Sphere = Im assuming its unfinished because it looks like a filler image
Satanic = I really didnt like any of satanic images that was in the game, right now it just looks dirty and not something evil as the name suggests
Assault Cuirass = Needs a better Shape and coloring. Gold color of the old armor was good but armor's shape was a bit off.
Soul booster and its components = All of them needs rework.
Abyssal Blade = Probably the ugliest sword in the game.
Poor Man's shield = absolutely horrible, old one was great why change it :/
Heart of Tarrasque = Good artwork but i liked the black foggy background better.

I should mention the ones that i think should never be changed.

Mjollnir = Absolutely amazing artwork
MKb = background may be changed at dev's discretion but that staff looks just way too cool (it reminds me the staff from the movie where jet li and jackie chen was in)
Scyte of Vyse = Great coloring, although i didnt understand the frosty image it looks cool nonetheless
Refresher orb = hell yea
Shiva's guard = Really nice armor design, maybe some altering in background but still looks great as it is.
Phase Boots, Bkb, bloodstone and blade mail looks good as well.

Thats about all i could think of.