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Thread: My list of feedback on several new items!

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    My list of feedback on several new items!

    First of all, most of them look awesome. I will only mention the ones that needs more work IMO:

    1. Dagon 1 to 5 glows significantly with the arm spreading. But Dagon 1 is way too muted and dark looking. Seeing as Dagon is hardly bought and almost never upgraded to 5, Dagon 1 should look more flashy. It just looks like a dull stick, not something deals 400 dmg. Dagon 1 should look like Dagon 3.

    2. Necrobook looks great with the numbered cover. But it lost the changing color scheme. Level 2 and 3 should have a layered blue/yellow glow.

    3. Divine Rapier doesn't have that UMPH!. It looks to be very flashy like the prior iteration. It just looks another item. I'd even go far as to say old Rapier was just fine.

    4. Daedalus = Old version was perfect, it already had today's detailed art.

    5. Headress looks too 'vicious'. Looks like an offensive item, not one possessing a soothing healing aura.

    6. Drums look just way too plain, especially when it's one of the most cost efficient/most used item in the game. Look at the WC3 icon, give it some bold red sashes like that.

    7. Satanic is just bad. It doesn't communicate what it is. It should have a 'satanic' theme...

    8. Diffusal Blade needs a powerful glow for upgraded 2. They look the same currently.

    9. Boots of Elvenskin looks like a wrist band.

    10. Mjollnir = I believe it's WIP.

    11. Mechanism looks great and fits the name. But the color theme should be green or warm yellow to signify that it's a healing item. Now it just looks random.

    Rest look amazing!
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    Agreed, Dagon needs to change.

    Dagon 1 and 2 barely look any different. I had to look real close.
    Same for Dagon 4 and 5, they look nearly identical.

    Dagon 1 should look better, and the opening of the hand should be better incrementally as it goes up in levels.

    Boots of Elvenskin needs either a redo or a name change.

    Reaver and "Sange and Yasha" are too dark.

    Headdress needs the green feathers. Too evil looking now.

    I agree that any item with a black background is WIP.
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    Mechanism? You mean mekansm.

    Adding my own feedback:

    The amount of glow and shading on icons makes them less distinct on a glance. I'd like it toned down a little, but I guess I can readjust. They really feel more honish then original designs though: see

    Tangoes and clarities are way too glowy for a basic consumable, much preffered previous design. Salve and smoke are better. GG branch has the same problem though.
    Circlet has very little of actual icon area, that doesn't look good.
    Boots of elvenskin look like a weird green shape, hard to identify what it's supposed to be.
    Ultimate Orb might look good if the dark area wasnt so dark. Red/dark orange maybe?

    Sobi mask has little contrast between main icon and background. Same for gem - I'd make the gem in the middle a bit brighter, while the background glow a bit darker.

    Armlet is really weird, but I like the closed/open concept. Make it not purple, perhaps?
    Divine looks awesome, but could be bigger for extra oomph. Mjolnir looks like WIP. Desolator - the shade of red does not fit anything else, but the shape is nice. Mask of madness and Dominator are both too similar, mostly due to little contrast between icon and background and the same color scheme.

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    Some just need to be clearer, blurry too.

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