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Thread: Items with Significant Changes

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    Items with Significant Changes

    Here are a comparison pic for those who need a reference (though keep in mind, the secret shop items aren't here):

    "Old" icons:

    New icons:

    Items that significantly changed and my thoughts on the new items (Red = Bad, Yellow = Neutral, Green = Good!):
    Poor Man's Shield -It's nor purple (like in Dota 1), so it was confusing at first. Looks pretty good though (by which I mean, it looks really crappy, like something a poor man would use as a shield).
    Soul Ring -I'm not even sure if that's a ring anymore.
    Headdress of Rejuvenation
    Drums of Endurance -They look like drums now! Rather than a bell.
    Vladmir's Offering -The black cloth looks more like hair for some reason. I'm not sure why, but there's something that is unappealing about it to me.
    Mekansm -It doesn't look remeniscent of Mekansm from Dota 1, but it looks better than that thing it was before.
    Force Staff -I'm not sure how I feel about this yet.
    Necronomicon -Looks pretty good. I kinda wish the cover changed a bit more color (like in Dota 1), but still pretty good. The previous one had a pretty plain cover. I like this one.
    Eul's Scepter of Divinity -Looks good! Though I liked the previous one too.
    Dagon -Looks great! I like that it gets larger and glows more as you level it, though I'd still probably never do that.
    Aghanim's Scepter -Resembles its Dota 1 counterpart, though I didn't mind the previous version either. Looks good in either case.
    Orchid Malevolence -I'm not sure how to feel about it. It looks cool, but it's kinda hard to tell that it is Orchid. Though with time, that problem will probably go away.
    Refresher's Orb -Looks a lot better.
    Scythe of Vyse -This one is interesting since it didn't retain the orange blade from Dota 1, but I knew it was Scythe of Vyse immediately. I liked the previous "Sheep Stick" version too.
    Armlet of Mordiggan -I haven't seen the active version of it, but the deactive one looks kinda lame. Though that's better than rubber purple gloves.
    Monkey King Bar -I love it.
    Daedalus -I never liked the Dota 1 icon either, so I'm a bit biased.
    Divine Rapier -It seems to have lost its "divineness." I think the straight edges is what made it look pristine and divine, and since it's all jagged, it is less so.
    Manta Style -Uh, I gotta get to class, so hopefully I can finish this later.
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    Yellow text, on white background. Not the easiest thing to read.
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    when I saw manta new style at first I thought it was mighty blade from HoN. No kidding

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    Yes I agree. The yellow test is blinding...

    Anyways I agree on most things... I kind of dislike the poor man's shield, but it looks appropriate :P

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    how is this better than this
    or this better than this ?
    oh, and this doesn't look like a divine rapier. IT LOOKS LIKE A FISH!!!


    On a serious note, some of them are improvements, but some of them are just plain stupid. If I wanted to play HoN, I would've played HoN...
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    i like the new mjolnir, because it still has the black background and a very distinctive look rather than a splashparty of colours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed View Post
    Vladmir's Offering -The black cloth looks more like hair for some reason. I'm not sure why, but there's something that is unappealing about it to me.
    It's because that ****ing skull mask is bigger then it should be and shapeless a bit. Once they fix it, it has a potential to be perfect

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