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Thread: My biggest complaint

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    My biggest complaint

    My biggest complaint about the new UI design and the new item icons is that they feel cluttered. Part of it has ofcourse to do with having to adjust or get used to it, but I feel kind of lost in the new UI whereas the old UI was very intuitive. The same goes for the icons. In a fraction of a second the old icons would leave no mistake as to what item it represented. The new icons don't offer this same level of clarity and especially in the grid view, it nearly hurts your eyes to look for a specific item.

    Bottom line: One of the strong suits of Dota2 is it's clarity and intuitiveness. I strongly feel that what's currently shown, is a step in the wrong direction.

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    I completely agree.

    I thought Dota 2 had a great art style. The old items really fit in with the whole look of the game.
    Now the item colours are far to dark, shiny and shadowy.

    And what the hell were you thinking changing Point Booster and Reaver? They were gorgeous before.
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