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Thread: Updated DOTA 2 Item icons - Visual Comparison

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    I generally like the changes, although i feel like some are forced. For example: Shadowblade, Demon Edge and the boosters look more polished in the original state. And there are obviously bad ones like Mjonlir and Satanic (i rly hope those wont be implemented)

    I believe that not all of the items needed a change....

    That's my opinion


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    alot look better
    But! for me I dont like new maskofmadness at all! the old one look badass but the new is just bad...
    I hope its change to the old one

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    I still pray for the removal of the silly Bloodstone effects.

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    I wish they rename elven boots if they are not going to make them look like boots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isashu View Post
    Some of the new items designs look pretty great. For example the new dagon and the new necro that viasually change when you upgrade them seem a beautiful idea to me. I liked the crit items too that seem to be built with the same red steel\stone thing.Aura items are great too.. but for the most new items i have to say that they're pretty pre alpha looking and with that glowish\darkish\shoe polish design you gave them they look like the hon style items (I played 2 hon games once, my first impression was terribad cuz of the items\heroes graphics).

    tl:dr A couple of items are great, the others look like an average FREE to play asian MMO game items

    Now that items has been "reworked" i kinda start to like em. Still don't like the new yasha and headress but i guess that they're pretty ok overall
    ps I like the new satanic and i LOVE the samurai style mask of madness

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    So many people complaining but it seems fine to me..

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    Okay, Lets see how far I can go. Art critical thinking in 3...2...1. (The ones that I don't answer, are perfect in the new condition.)

    Belt Of Strength - I like the color of tan within the belt in the old version, it really gives a soft sturdiness to it. Compare to the yellow color in the newer version, it's seems off. It's the color that gives too much distraction. Also, It just doesn't blend well with the inner belt. It just doesn't give a good sturdy notion, unlike the old version. The shot itself in the new one, gives powerful punch, to show how strong the belt is.

    Battle Fury- The old version shot is just perfect. It got the prowess.

    Black King Bar- I absolutly love the new version. It really show the fierce defensive item in the game. It shows that the one who wield it, should not be mess with.

    Blade Mail- I, like most of artist, dislike an subject right in the center of the image. Old version is the best.

    Blade Of Alacrity- Keep the old version. However the dept of field effect is amazing in the new image. Apply that same effect to the old version.

    Blink Dagger- The old version is thousand times better because the background image gives an powerful swirly winds. Such dagger that can swift through battle in mere seconds. By the action the dagger is pointing, the flow is disturbed thus leaving a swirling vortex, one does not simply stop the flux. It simply tells the audience, this dagger contain blinker ability.

    Boots of Evles- Where's the soles and part of the shoe? It needs one, obviously. It's not a guardlet

    Butterfly- The perspective of the old version, gives an swift slice. The hue and saturation gives a softness touch. The tones are amazing well done. Special effects to the side of the blade gives a strong vibration. No reason to change that. The new version design of the blade is astonishing. Replace it with the old one.

    Chainmail - Meh, I won't bother with the new version. It's not complete.

    Clarity - Old version contains perfect shot, design, and special effects. No reason to change.

    Flask – Same as above.

    Gem – none of them are good.

    Gloves – The shot needs to be lil-tad closer. I love the design of it.

    Hood Of Defiance – First image so far that is completely lovable by two different images. I can't say about this, it's a tough one to say.

    Invis Sword – Old version should be left alone. Good design and effects. It glows in a soft touch, leaving a trail behind. It gives you the cool feel in the air, knowing that you're crystal clear.

    Point Booster – Apply transparent on the ball, just several decimal points. It'll give a nice glossy, compare to the old version.

    Radiance – The old version gives so much brightness. The sensation within gives so much pain for the more you stay. The aura near the blade contain a calming effect, knowing that the blade is stable. The special effects is astonishing. Replace the old design of the blade with the new design.

    Reaver – Old version is better. No explain needed.

    Sange And Yasha – The color in the new one just too distracting. Tone down the aura sensation.

    Smoke Of Deceit – The new design in the second is poweful. The carvings on top of the transparent ball is breath taking. Felt like we're in medieval times with old school magic. The special effects looks like it's a volcano exploding. Love it, but give some vortex to the side, like the old one.

    Sphere – Again, center image is a bad and should not be used in any case.

    Stout Shield – Loved the texture feel in the old version. Also with the powerful lighting, it gives a warning that it is usable however it won't last very long. Meaning, once mid/late is about, it's almost useless.

    Vladmir – I love the old version. He looks like an assassin with vampire blood. He doesn't want to be revealed, thus he stays in the shade. Love the new version special effects, it gives a nice aura that seek and destroy.
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    the new icons look awesome, but i think some are hard too see. May be you bring back their color. I think it's too dark when I'm playing game, and realize the colorful of shop items table is disappear

    Linken sphere - I like the old one first. This new is too small.
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    those are better.. not sure about gem and MoM.. but the rest are very nice..

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