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I don't like how everything goes from being so bright and colorful, hues of blue, purple, blink, yellow, orange, etc. Get swapped out for dark red, and black. Plus the emphasis on realism on the items sort of defeats the purpose of the hyper-stylism the game itself has... Nothing in the game looks realistic, it looks cartoony... I don't know. I hope the whole game itself isn't heading towards this new gritty style.
I agree. I actually never played a MOBA before Dota 2, and what drew me in a lot was the art. I thought the whole game looked very smooth, stylish, and streamlined. The new item icons don't really fit that at all. The game is full of bright, vibrant, and simple patterns, which are starkly contrasted by these icons. The specific design of some of them just seems very dark and twisted too. It's almost like these are Bane's personal item icons...

Anyway, I think they're very well done and for the most part (lol satanic) look really good, but they just don't seem to fit the rest of the game.