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Thread: [SUGGESTION] I have an idea involving skins!!!

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    [SUGGESTION] I have an idea involving skins!!!

    Ok! So browsing through the forums and reading responses I have come the the conclusion that the community is relatively split on which art style they would prefer. This got me thinking...why not both?!

    My Suggestion:

    - Dota 2 is going to be free to play
    - Valve is going to sell things such as vanity items, hats obviously, and announcer packs, but why not skins?
    - I'm talking UI skins/ art styles such as the differences between the current and the new style.
    - They could sell these, but have the old skin and new skin for free and give an option to choose between them
    - That way we all get what we think looks nice, and Valve makes money without art going to waste!
    - Win - Win Scenario!

    Ideas? Comments? Questions? Concerns?

    tl;dr: Make art styles a choice and something Valve could sell...

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    What about customizable interfaces?

    :O SAY WHAT!?!
    Doing a great job Valve!

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