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Thread: MDuh's Comments on new Icons

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    MDuh's Comments on new Icons

    Blade of Alacrity - Blade of alacrity feels generic, maybe add a swirly end on its shadow to symbolize "time magic"
    Bloodstone - if those outlines are "lightning" or "sparks" maybe add some spark branches to emphasize it
    Chainmail - It looks like a normal T-shirt to me
    Diffusal 2 - I think this is still WIP, but differentiate diffusal 1 and 2
    Gem - This is the time where those lens flare are best added in the the background
    Maelstorm - looks like taser
    Magic Wand - Please retain the wooden stick feel of it
    Manta style - The only weapon with the angle of it.. Maybe rotate it 30-45deg clockwise
    Mithril Hammer - Sould have a trench look on the "U" boundary of it..
    Mjolnir - Very WIP Looking
    Plate Mail - Make it wider, not sexier
    Necromicon - Needs a new background color
    Poor Man's Shield - Retain Circle Shape
    Ring of regen - No need to zoom in the item
    Tangoes - Lens flare on the background is not needed
    Vladimirs - Looks to evil,old one was better
    Desolator - Reduce Saturation, its too reddish

    Other bad changes: please don't make it too cartoony (Simple colored)
    the first time I saw the icons, I immediately remembered LOL
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    Nicely laid out, and about 80-90% similar to my own opinions.

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    MDuh, you just summed up 70% of all Im trying to say too.

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