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Thread: List of Icons That may need improvement by Mayheamk

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    List of Icons That may need improvement by Mayheamk

    My regards to the readers and most specialty to one of the best developers we have currently whom are from valve and working on this product. As i posted a forum few hours ago i expressed how impressed and exciting the new icons are looking and yet another fantastic update from valve. after carefully upgrading the Dota 2 new icons and comparing them, Here is a list of some icons that i think can be improved even better.

    Icon Comparison List:

    Here we go:

    Armlet Off/ON : i think the on and off can create confusion for players off whether the item is off and on, maybe making on brighter color and making off version hands closed (or opened to better idea)

    2. Hands of midas: this icon seems to be spread too widely, doesnt look somehow right.

    3. Mithril Hammer: I think by making the icon focused more to the icon rather than background can make the hammer bigger and better to players's eyes

    4. Power tread boots: they look cartoonish

    5. Soul Booster: Looks too widen

    6. Cheeze: no improvement

    7. Headdress: it looks confusing as what the icon is

    8. Life steal: has teeth?

    9. Orchid: icon doesnt look anything known to me..

    10. Soul ring: i think the angle can be turned so it can have a better ring-like picture

    11. Maelstrom / Mjollnir: Maelstrom is a weaker item/upgrade than Mjollnir, yet icon Maelstrom looks more power full than Mjollnir.

    12. level 1 ward: maybe making the two wards more looking alike ( a little bit) is better than having two very complete icons for two almost same but upgraded item.

    13. Heart: maybe making the icon larger but at the same time i love to see its sharp sides.

    14: Sphere: looks a bit too small maybe?

    15: Scepter: looks completely something brand new even unknown to myself, and didnt even know what it was until looked at its name.

    16: Satanic: it doesnt look red as it used to be ?

    17: Rapier: it looks not right to my eyes, it doesnt have that powerful looking anymore

    18. Ring of Health: I think this one is the biggest problem i found, in my opinion it looks too widen and not alike a ring at all.

    And this is it as of this moment, I'd like to emphasize one more time that this list is only my opinion, people may disagree with part/s of my list, which is completly okay and i respect. On the other hand, creating this list has taken me some times and it would be greatly appriciated if i could know that my voice is atleast being heard by valve ( if not too selfish )


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    need 2 fix mask of madness too
    the new one is odd

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    Alot of them are really nice, but some are like "wtf were they thinking"

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