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Thread: My Feedback on the New Item Icons

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    My Feedback on the New Item Icons

    Firstly, I must say I was incredibly sceptical and got really sad when I first saw the new icons. However, after some detailed inspection and as my unnecessary rage faded, I think I can give my honest feedback. I will only mention the items that I find worse than before, or those that needs some more improvements. That means if an item isn't listed below, the changes were for the good.

    Aegis: The old one was better, because the item itself was more crisp and detailed. The new one just looks like it's behind a smokescreen.
    Armlet: The pink version looks a bit cartoonish, could use a rework.
    Assault Cuirass: The old background hue was a bit better.
    Skull Basher: Same as AC
    Battle Fury: Became more cartoonish and the angle is off.
    Iron Branch: The background color is an improvement, but the item itself looks incredibly wicked. Needs to be a bit more simpler.
    Chain Armor: Looks like cloth. Needs those chain textures added back on.
    Circlet: It looks like a very amateurish 3d render, and the item can be rotated a bit more to the center.
    Clarity: Old one was much better, now it looks like a basic render and the liquid feeling has gone.
    Desolator: Too much red and glowy, I really liked the old one.
    Energy Booster: Again, looks like an amateur 3d render, the orb itself is very bland.
    Healing Salve: Same as Clarity
    Gem: I don't like the concept, and the orb in the middle is very bland like in Energy Booster.
    Daedalus: I like that Crystalys is added into the item itself, but the other pieces of the crossbow looks very cheap. It could be a bit bulkier with a white-gold feeling added to it.
    Headdress: Looks overly complex and hard to understand. Also, the angle is a bit off.
    Heart of Tarrasque: The old colors were better, and looks deformed.
    Helm of the Dominator: Too dark and hard to understand what it is.
    Hyperstone: The old coloring was better.
    Shadow Blade: Old one was better in every aspect.
    Mask of Madness: Very dark, and hard to understand. Maybe if the red background and glow was added, the item would be more distinctive. Also dislike the samurai styled mask instead of the old tribal one.
    Mithril Hammer: Looks very basic and shines too much. The old coloring was better.
    Mjollnir: What?! I think this is incredibly incomplete.
    Mystic Staff: Has an unnecessary amount of green mixed in. It should be only comprised of blue color because of the Int stat in my opinion.
    Point Booster: Same as Energy Booster.
    Poor Man's Shield: The concept is nice, but the item itself looks weird.
    Quarterstaff: The tip looks bland, maybe those spikes could be added and the color could be altered to be like the old.
    Divine Rapier: Too much unnecessary coloring. The pure-golden feeling was incredible, and the sword isn't a rapier at all now. More like an ornamented dragon-sword. Doesn't fit the name.
    Reaver: Too dark, maybe could have that old orange hue back.
    Sacred Relic: Too cartoonish. Other than that, the colors are well fitted, but I liked the open-mouthed lion with tusks kinda feel.
    Ring of Basilius: Too much purple, the old pink tones were better fitting with the blue.
    Robe of the Magi: Too much added green, just like Mystic staff. Needs to have pure blue color to emphasize intellect.
    Satanic: Hard to understand what it is.
    Eye of Skadi: Can use a background color.
    Soul Booster: Was ugly before, even uglier now. It looks weird.
    Boots of Travel: The old colors were better.
    Ultimate Orb: Looks like a smooth orb now, the gravure on the old one was good. Also, the purple feels too bright, yellow was better.
    Vitality Booster: Same as Energy Booster. Orb is very basic.
    Wraith Band: Looks deformed. Old was better.

    These are all my opinions as stated above. If you have anything to comment, please add below. The ordering has been taken from this picture:
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    to summarize, he thinks almost every single old item icon was better

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