I like the new artwork artwork on the icons, it is obviously more thoroughly made. But i feel loosing clearness and the first glance distinguish is never worth it, no matter how much effort was put in and how good looking the icon is. Please do not compromise any clearness in gameplay for the sake of prettier items.

The problem for me is how many of the items turned so dark, and sometimes very cluttered. Pushsticks new icon is really hard to tell what goes on above the wooden stick part. Helm and MoM are two others. They look great, but are really a bit too dark. Javelin is one icon where the change made the backside of the blade barly visible at all.

I Think the darkening changes to the icons takes away from the just glance at the item to see what item it is. They all sorta blend together more without the clear colors. Now it just feels like its a big grey field with some dark red and green mixed with some blu. Hard to distinguish induvidual items.

The change to Midas is one of the ones i dislike the most, just because the concept of adding more stuff to the icons. All that was added was 3 coins, which doesn't improve the icon in any way, and just adds to the overall clutter to the icons.

Some items look better. For example i really like the new sheepstick. Actually looks like a scythe now =D. But actually seeing what the icons are suppose to be is hard if you don't hold over the item to see the larger icon.

All in all i think the icons look great. But the combination of the zoom out, more details and dark and dampening of the colors really make the items harder to distinguish and "firstglance". I believe in you and I am sure you can keep the new "models" of the items, while getting back that clear- and crispness of the old simpler icons.

Also, what is Satanic? :O
And the armlet icons feel reversed to me. Shouldnt the hand be clenched when you activate the armlet, and open when it is not activate? i mean even the buff icon of the armlet when it is activated as on you is a clenched hand. =)