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Thread: Gem of True Sight concept [with poll]

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    And it makes 0 sense that it is still dropped as the old one.

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    Old one looks better, maybe reskin it a bit so it looks better in the shop (at small resolutions) but that's about it. New one looks terrible.

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    none of them
    >Click< here to make a clicking sound.

    Overall average (K+A)/D and K/D tracker, and a MMR solution?

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    old one for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordofsoup View Post
    I like the old one, the item drop is still the old one, so why not keep it the same.
    True, why not keep the same icons.

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    It both amused and bemuses to know that there is no official way to vote for ideas... aka user voice...

    There are so many great constructive feedback in this thread and my visual icon comparison chart thread but we see no active involvement by Valve...
    Or maybe it is just me...?

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    the old design but with updated and improved coloring to give it more artistic look

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