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Thread: My new item feedback

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    My new item feedback

    Most of the icons have improved, but there are a few new ones that I don't really like.

    Items that I'm not really ok with
    Armlet - I Liked the idea of spikes when the active is on. The closed hand becoming open looks good,but the open hand just doesn't seem to give any power, put some energy spikes back in there.
    Headress - It looks more offensive than a healing item...
    Blink Dagger - I loved the old background it had, no idea why it got removed.
    HotD, Vlad and Mask of Madness - These 3 just look too much the same. MoM lost the madness it had in its old color scheme. Vlad should keep its green color
    Mjollnir - This one just looks bad. Old design was far superior. Now even Maelstrom looks alot more powerful than this
    Phase Boots - Now they are the only boots that are facing the left, make them face the right like all the other ones. Please no boot-racism
    Mekanism - It looks more like an offensive item, like it's about to zap something, instead of a healing one.
    Satanic - It kinda looks like a starfish for some reason... It looked more evil and powerful before
    Urn - It has too much mold. Also a suggestion -> make it look empty with no lid when it has no charges
    Reaver - It just reminds me of a Reaper from mass effect (which is BAD). IMO make it more red and less dark

    Items that I'm unsure about
    Divine Rapier - It now looks more rape and less divine
    Mystic Staff - This one is probably because I'm not used to it, but I dunno why it is green now.
    Sacred Relic - Again it's not bad or good compared to the old one, it just looks wierd.
    Orchid - Same as above. But this one doesn't even look like a staff

    Items that look really awesome and stand out above the rest
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    Really like your Urn idea. Also reaver is far too dark, thought it was a shield till someone pointed out it was an axe

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    Great idea for the Urn.

    I'll hijack your thread to also give my little opinion

    Armlet - I feel that the inactive icon looks more "active" or "powerful" than the active.
    Dagon - I like the fact it has a different icon for each level, it's not very important but the level 1 and 2 are too similar.
    Heart - Since it looks smaller now, it feels less "powerful". I like it anyway.
    Mjollnir - I share the same opinion. I don't like it...
    Reaver - Now I can't get what it is, the colors of the item blend into the background. I get it, you wanted a dark appearance. But I think it went too dark =)

    I think it is about it! ah I love the Heaven's Halberd icon

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