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Thread: Hotkeys changed after reconnect!

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    Hotkeys changed after reconnect!

    After I reconnected, my hotkeys were changed.
    I've disconnected many times so far due to 8 hours disconnect ISP-side. This has never happened before.
    It was my first game since patch in which I disconnected IIRC, maybe that's of interest.

    I used legacy keys before (just as I set it in the end of the video).

    1) lose internetconnection
    2) close dota.exe
    3) start the client and press reconnect
    4) find yourself with changed hotkeys


    MatchID: 69944

    edit: On a sidenote, for some reason this "replay is unavailable" for download ;(
    edit2: As I found out today, my network cable on the PC was quite loose, just fyi.
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