First of all, In general a great remake but there are a few things I dont like.

Imo old hot, reaver looked really badass. The new one 's dont represent it as good as they did.Maybe it s because of the red glowing the background that amplified it.

As well as the ice which should come from skadi.
Maybe a light blueish background representing the ice could easyly solve that. I really loved the old ult orb alot. the new looks like nothing special. I dunno.

Divine Rapier
There is a lag of a goldish color

Weapons dealer:
I dont like the new Plate Mail. It doesnt have an appropriate size like the old one did.
Same for broadsword and claymore. the old ones look better.

New headress:
Feels like an overkill
I cant really recognize what it should be. I loved the greenish alot representing regen of the old one.


Belt, Boots of Elvenskin and Robe look kinda odd
Iron Wood branch is still ugly like the old one