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Thread: Thoughts on particular new items

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    Thoughts on particular new items

    Just throwing my hat into the ring on feedback. Overall, I enjoy the new item look, however some I have issue with.

    Boot's of Elvenskin: It's a bracer/arm band. Either change the name(Anklet of Elvenskin?) or give it a boot-look.
    Ogre Club: Still looks like an axe...
    Ring of Regen: Still looks very similar to Ring of Health, especially to a colorblind folk like me.
    Magic Wand: Not gonna lie, I miss the little star from the vanilla version of the item. I would love to see it return, or just make it look... upgraded, not just a different camera angle once upgraded.
    Perseverance: I don't like that it's a ring. Would make more sense if it was a necklace, or atleast attached to a chain like Null Talisman.
    Headdress of Rejuvenation: It went from a hood to... what I can only assume is a dead bird. Not a fan.
    Urn of Shadows: WAAYY too much green shit floating around it.
    Eye of Skadi: Needs more of an ice feel. Like the new model, though.
    Satanic: Uh, yeah I don't even know what's going on with this. It's a cross between a weapon from Soulcalibur and a hentai monster.

    Hope this helps.
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    Magic Wand: Not gonna lie, I miss the little star
    Agree. Bring back a pretty star.

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