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Thread: Divine Rapier Opinion Poll

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    Dec 2011
    I would like it to actually look like a rapier. Valve has done a good job for making it look divine, but it is not actually a rapier. Just my 2 cents.

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    Dec 2011
    so far so good majority likes the original one, Valve i hope you are watching this

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    The new one look way too gaudy, old one looks way better. They should either work on the old one, or if they new icon is made the straight blade and gold/white color should be kept.
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    This is one of the few icons that I actually think the original was superior and should be kept and maybe touched up to match all the rest of the icons.

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    The new one looks okay-ish...
    I'd be better if they kept the double straight-edge
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    If you want a Divine Sword, sure go with the first one. The new look looks more Rapierish, but imo could be improved upon, like an Angelic weapon or monumental powers look

    This is a rapier FYI

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    A looks the best.
    The details on the handle of B and C is cool, but the blade is retarded, it looks almost exactly like Frostmourne.
    Verdict: Improve the details on A, and perhaps make the blade thinner. Done.

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    I've said this a lot of times, and I will say it again. THE NEW RAPIER LOOKS LIKE A FISH, AND THE OLD ONE WAS PERFECTLY FINE!!!

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    I like the old one it looks more "Divine"

    The new one looks more "Rapier" though

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