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Thread: My icon revisions

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    My icon revisions

    Sup guys, had half an hour today so I thought I'd modify some of the item icons to my linking. I may do more. Credit for uploading the original images go to Cyborgmatt.

    Boosters - added crystal texture, they felt kind of empty
    Medallion - blue eyes, more gold, less yellow background
    Sheepstick - made it more epic, it's a top tier item after all
    Skadi - made it more "icy"
    Urn - I think purple is more fitting


    Made the armlet 2-color variation, I really think the current color schema is too varied/doesn't meld well. Minor things such as shine and glow added.
    I changed desolator to a single color schema, darkened the staff part and added subtle glows.
    Gem I redid from scratch, just felt like the current design was completely missed.
    Added shadows on vanguard to make it more 3D-like. Also the more apparent eye glow.
    On the veil I just did the golden circlet to match the background. Also made the gem shine purple.

    Tell me what you think.
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    All of them are perfect. Nicely done. Especially I prefer the purple version of the Urn, as green looks more poisonous than healthy.

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    This is just perfect. The last touch the new icons needed!

    Edit: Reaching front page on /r/dota2 must mean that Valve should take this to notice, sure some icons are surely wip. I wont be surprised seeing your designs or some alternation of it in the game later on!
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    not bad ...i like it

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    Dec 2011
    very nice

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    Those all look great, especially urn. Green looks like it's vomiting Alch's acid everywhere

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    Boosters and Skadi are must!

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    While I still don't like the medallion of courage the rest are superb.
    On that note you practically just changed the boosters back to what they used to be.

    Most of the new items look like they were originally 3D models that were screen capped and edited minorly, hideous.

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    yep.+1 well done.

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    Really great stuff man. Make a few others too!

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