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Thread: [Confirmed] gaining experience during hex

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    [Confirmed] gaining experience during hex

    1. pick rhasta/shadow shaman
    2. pick any hero for the enemy team
    3. Hex that hero with rhasta and kill a creep while the hexed enemy hero is in exp range.

    Result: Hexed unit gains XP

    Expected: Hexed unit does not get any XP

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    Pretty sure that's intended

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    Hex'ed units do not gain exp in Dota 1.

    It might be an intended change since this was hardcoded in WC3, but treating it as a bug for now. Added to sticky.
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    The same applies for Astral Imprisonment. I think someone else argued it would be possible to make hex'ed units get XP in DotA 1. Not sure if it is right. But then this should be a bug. it's untagged yet.

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