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Thread: What I bought, what I expected, what I got

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    Feb 2012
    I'm only here for the bathory

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    The Satanic icon is horrendous. What the hell is it? It looks like streaky bacon with teeth and eyes.

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    Satanic looks like a mutilated piranha with a blonde mohawk. I think someone made a thread about how the Divine Rapier looked like a fish (the hilt).

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    Etheral Blade needs another rework, I agree. The similiarity between the items is just too much,
    Armlet is too pink in my opinion, I always like the dark lilac touch it had and the glow with the spikes when activated. The activated state is espically bad - on a first glance I didn't even get that it was a "glove".
    Satanic does look bad.

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    omfg how u cant distinguish BF from etheral ? people must be blind ;X

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    I love gauntlets in your picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.ioes View Post
    mekansm was a banana before and noone complained -.-
    EVERYONE COMPLAINED ABOUT THE TACO BANANA. apparently you live under a stone. or a taco banana. -ba dum tsshhh-

    TS: current icons are updated, much better now. DR and Satanic definitely needs improvments. Headdress of Rejuvenation needs a remake , looks way to Diablo right now

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