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Thread: Symmetrical UI round 2: Photoshop edition.

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    Symmetrical UI round 2: Photoshop edition.

    So I got photoshop and had a second go at my symmetrical UI. I used ideas from bQvleztar and Nail Azuma.

    Frist thread is here:

    - Both halves (left and right from a vertical centre line) of the UI take up the same amount of screen space.
    - Mana/HP and Skills all centred.
    - Mini map is the same size as the items/shop/courier/glyph/etc.
    - Removed unwanted space on the bottom and top.
    - Menu and K/D/A LH/D are the same size
    - Hero Portrait and stats are similar sizes.
    - The items/shop/courier/glyph/etc. takes up WAY less space than the new UI.
    - If they do put a UI scale bar in the options, symmetry makes the scaling easier.


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    I like the positioning of the portrait, abilities, and stats.

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    inspiredbyothers.jpg I made a quick copy paste, if someone with talent makes this pretty I'm sold!

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    whoo i like the idea, the position of the portrait, skills, etc are OK. mmm xDD

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    This is just perfect! i really love symmetry in UIs
    I simply cannot fathom how awesome this looks, i want this in game now

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    This idea is a good step to a great HUD.

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    You should post this in the other thread as well, there seems to be more people noticing your old thread.

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    Its way better but I still don't like the rocky look. It just does not look or feel right to me but I can get use to it.

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    I like it! I liked the new HUD but this is even better.

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    Yea this isn't really about the rocks though. This is more a positioning / size / layout type of experiment.

    I'm pretty sure that Valve is going to have multiple UI themes based around one lay-out. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dire and Radiant themed UIs in the future, or hero themed UIs that you can purchase from the store. They just have to decide on a solid layout first.

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