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Thread: [SUGGESTION] Some directions to follow during icon developing

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    [SUGGESTION] Some directions to follow during icon developing

    Since items are divided into catogories,we would do the color scheme for each category,so even colors on icons are going to be a very easy way to distinct item purpose.
    So,for example,backgrounds could be different.That way,even if you are a newcomer,and u just figured out a couple of items,u can instantly recognise what some1 has when u click on him:
    -items that are mainly used by carry herores/dps-ers,which give attack speed and dmg,could have red background.
    -support items(disables,heals) could have green background.
    -"artefacts" could have goldish/yellow collor(im refereng to highest tier items)
    consumables could habe blue background
    and so on

    So,instead of making random model,with random color scheme,and then making background fit that color scheme,Valve could firstly determine a background color,and then make a model for it.
    That way,no matter how strange the model is,it can still be easily identified by any1 who's familiar with general color scheme-purpose relation.

    If there is a similiar thread,close this one.Search returned nothing.

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    neah, not the items, maybe just a slight glow

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