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Thread: Fog of War

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    Quote Originally Posted by Death.System View Post
    Legacy mode as in DotA 1's mechanics etc. But I don't know if any legal actions by Blizzard can be taken
    I thought such copyright laws apply to npc names, lore and assets only.
    If they applied to game mechanics, I'm pretty sure ID could sue every single modern FPS developer over DOOM mechanics.

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    I really loved using and abusing the DotA 1 fog of war mechanic to its fullest, The way FoW works in DotA 2 (IMO) is similar to DotA 1 but it seems a bit smoother a much more forgiving for when you click on the enemy hero, but it just loves to bug out and not move you when you click on fog and there is a hero right there in the fog blocking your path which you cannot obtain vision of.

    The FoW is different and not in a good way, it may minimize the frustrations of new players but its just taking off another layer of difficulty that makes the game so beautiful.

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    I think same applies with ability casts,
    I think I can cast abiltiies on heroes that just entered the fog, I think i've done that with huskar or something (burining spear for sure, and maybe ulti once) whereas it should stop

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