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Thread: [Fixed] Spirit bears items rearrange themselves when leveling

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    [Fixed] Spirit bears items rearrange themselves when leveling

    When you level your spirit bear, the item he has change spots.

    1)give phase boots and orb of venom on level 1 spirit bear
    2)level spirit bear

    The items change places.

    The items should stay where they are when you level up your bear.

    I have binded the top left and top center button, that could be the reason why they change spots but it still shouldnt happen.
    This is very frustrating because i usually have phase boots on spirit bear before level 7, then when i level him up and try to chase someone and use my binding it isnt activating because the phase boots have changed spot.

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    Thanks for fixing the annoying bug where spirit bear getting stuck in cogs/sprouts.

    Now the currently most annoying bug for lone druid, fix it next please. Thanks
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    added to sticky.

    the bug occurs, when the bear is resummoned not just when he is leveled.
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