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Thread: Windrunner dialog

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    Windrunner dialog

    Having played windrunner for couple of times, i have found a quite annoying piece of dialog from her.
    When you are moving her around she sometimes lets out a noise that doesn't really sound anything like her, more like a monkeys laugh or something.
    Her dialog is great otherwise, but that one sound annoys the heck out of me. Dunno if anyone else hears it tho.
    Link to the voice clip:

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    Every time she says "Have an arrow!" all I hear is "Habanero!"

    Yes, like the chili.

    No, I don't know why she'd be saying that.

    Also, the voice clip seems a lot clearer on that YouTube video... I guess the lack of other noises helps to differentiate between the giving of arrows, and chili peppers. >_>

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