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Thread: What the item icons should look like [EVERYTHING REWORKED]

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    Nov 2011
    Drums - I dont like the current icon at all. Yours looks better but it should be seen more from the front instead.
    Arcane boots - i see little to no difference.
    Armlet - Both active and unactive are too zoomed out imo.

    Abyssal Blade - Much clearer, gj
    Belt of giant strength - old was better agreed!
    Blademail - looks cooler
    Boots of speed - They were too dark before
    deamon edge - much better tinting but the background needs work
    flask - this or the old before new icons
    Gem - better but needs a background
    sacred relic - old concept better
    messerschmidt - old concept better
    phase boots
    mystic staff
    mask of madness

    Aegis- looks worse. Current is close to perfect
    BKB - Current is perfect
    Headress - I liked the one before new icons better
    Stygian Desolator - the old before they changed icons were close to perfect
    Ethreal blade - I like the current, could make it an other angles so it dosnt get mixed up with butterfly
    quelling blade

    Edit: The crystal from oldest dagon icons should be added to all stages of dagon. Then the staff grows over it more and more the higher you level it.

    These were the best tranquil boots icons so far[/url]
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    I like most of them, especially the Rapier. The simple change of colors make it looks more divine and less like a fish.

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    I really love how you generally made all the icons a bit more bright and defined which is what the current set of icons are severely lacking.

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    Satanic's icon love it, the one designed by you, not the default one from dota, that one is ugly of s..t...

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    Bracer is too sharp otherwise its ok. TUP

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    Like your boosters! But tangos - there can be more than 3, so i think they all should have same icon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasielll View Post
    You edited your post, you said that it looks like STR item. I wanted to recreate DotA 1 Guinsoo, but I agree with your earlier post. May be just leave it blue as an INT item?
    Honestly I don't really care about the SoV, although it looks more powerful with that orange tone.

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    Updated Healing Salve, I forgot very important thing

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    The concepts i like the most from your ideas:

    Nice, it doesn't look Butterfly v2.0
    Maybe they can make it brighter according to the charges you gain.
    Excellent concept!
    Another great concept

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    the ones in the left are very cool

    Redesign all orbs, talisman of evasion, big crit > look shit

    Also tone down background gradient for euls, and big items
    less smoke on urn, less smoke on smoke (lol)

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