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Thread: What the item icons should look like [EVERYTHING REWORKED]

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    What the item icons should look like [EVERYTHING REWORKED] - UPDATE 30.07 + desc's

    So, I decided to edit all of the icons. I thinked over on every icon, removed all details that in my opinion are bad/unnecessary, added some other details. Some of "new" icons are just old versions, but most of them are edited. You should look into every icon to see what's new.
    Left - edited icons, and at right - current icons, sometimes there will be bunchs of unedited icons.
    Also, there are some "icon suggestions" (see Town Portal Scroll and Tangos)


    New - - - Old - - - Name - Description
    - - - - Abyssal Blade. I think "glowing" blade and background of that color looks more "abyssal". I took older icon and made it more clear.

    - - - - Ancient Janggo - I don't like the aura around the icon so I left here an old icon that I edited a little.

    - Arcane Boots. It looks OK, I haven't made any changes.

    - - - - Armlet - I don't want to waste the awesome idea of toggling the grapple of glove, but I still not sure this is right because icon from last update is actually an armlet. Also, i've put some edit on old icon.

    - - - - Armlet (activated) - the new thing there is glowing sparks around the glove.

    - - - Cranium Basher - actually, I just don't see any reason to put so many red glow, but I'll left it as it is now.

    - - - Assault Cuirass - At start I disliked the new icon, but then I realized that old one looked to usual.

    - - - Battle Fury - this new effect is awesome, so I didn't put any changes.

    - OK

    - - - - Blade Mail - I like current icon, but I have decidet to put some blood on it, may be it will look more magical.

    - - - - Blink Dagger - Why these sparks? Also, older icon was better that last update version, but my personal favourite is first icon.

    - - - - Bloodstone - Just dont like the update.

    - Boots of Speed - Just dont like the update.

    - - - Bands of Elvenskin - Awesome update!

    I like bottle's update, so I've put no changes to them.

    - No changes

    - Chainmail - I like the last update version, BUT: it looks more like scalemail than chainmail. Look how I made chainmail before [link]

    - - - - Circlet - Little more detail and roughtiness.

    - New cheese is just awesome

    - Claymore - as I suggested, metal things from the handle was made less bright in last update.

    - - - - Clarity - I like very first version, where there was awesome effect and the bottle wasn't full.

    - - - Cloak - No changes

    Couriers are OK, and I don't care much about them.

    - ok

    Dagons - I was surprised when they wasted an awesome idea of making more "red things" at the end of staff depending on item level. I don't want to edit them.

    - - - - Demon Edge - I just don't know what color looks better, so I made a blue version.

    - - - Don't change this icon EVER.

    - ok

    - - - Dust - Good update, just as I wanted.

    - I still can't understand, is this a bow or this is a horn?

    - - - - Energy Booster - Current looks too unrealistic.

    - Ethereal Blade

    - - - - Salve. I added some glow and made bottle not full to made it look like first icon and save realistic look of previous update icon.

    - - - - Gauntlets of Strength - I just hate the new version, so I added the finger from new to old and little bit edited the colors and roughtiness of metal plates.

    - New gem looks more good, but check my edition of oldest gem:
    - - -

    - Great Update

    - - - - Heart of Terrasque - Last update version looks still less magical. I don't like the glow.

    - As I suggested, holy glow was returned.

    - - - [img]] - Helmet of Iron [s]Bucket[/s] Will - Nobody even didn't noticed that I made it's back less bucket-like.

    - I like the update

    - Same thing

    - - - - Hyperstone - More speed

    - - - - Shadow Blade - My awesome "Invisible blade" concept

    - Javelin - I like both old and new versions.

    - Crystalsys - dislike white update.

    - Ok

    - - - - Magic Stick - I like the old color and handle thing.

    - - - - Magic Wand - MAGIC!1 I don't even care that last version looks like "Magic Wand" more that mine.

    - Ok.

    - - - - Mask of Madness
    - - - - Mask of Madness (activated)
    I just don't know what is better. New icon is good too, but I love the idea. Also, deactvated mask looks cheap. Just don't know.

    - Medallion of Courage - Awesome Update

    - - - - Mekansm - Not sure what is better. But Mekansm idea itself is freaking awesome, I hope it will not be changed back to regular medallion.

    - Mithril Hammer - Epic.

    - - - - Monkey King Bar - New one looks better, but it looks too cheap for one of most brutal artifacts of game. And I think that my version is awesome.

    - Ok

    Necronomicons are OK, but color change wasn't necessary. You just made it to look better.

    - - - Null Talisman - Why background? Dislike.

    - Good small update.

    - Ogre Axe - Dislike the update.

    - Orb of Venom - good update.

    - Orchid Malevolence. - Ok. I love this icon

    - - - - Perserverance - I've added some yellow background and found it awesome awesome and must to be implemented

    - Ok, nice update on pipe.

    - Update wasn't necessary.

    - - - - Point Booster

    - - - - Poor Man's Shield - You wasted the "One man's shield is another man's door" idea? NOOOU

    Bad threads, just bad!

    - Quarterstaff - Personaly I thing that the oldest one was better (it fits the words "Quarterstaff" and all of it's letters better IMHO), but I'll leave current as it is.

    - - - - Quelling Blade - Still fan of an oldest version with that epic "camera angle".

    - - - - Divine Rapier - Last update made it look better, but I'm not removing my version.

    - Radiance - awesome update

    - - - - Messershmidt's Reaver - : D

    - - - - Sacred Relic - Old relic with some of my edit looks much more "Sacred" in my opinion. Looks just like you found that ancient thing in a dark tomb.

    - Continue to switching that two icons Joke, it's ok now, and active state update is good.
    - Everything is good.

    - Just started to like old thing and you changed it. REMEMBER MY OLD DRAWING!1

    - - - - Sange and Yasha - Not actually a sugestion, just tried to make something new (red+green is yellow)

    - Shiva's Guard. Don't know what is better - I liked the snow, but this looks ok too.

    - Skadi - I liked the old one, but people said that it looks bad in-game. New one looks good too.

    - Stout Shield - What you done to the icon? It looks unlit.

    - - - - Tango - same
    - - - - Tango - 2 things left
    - - - - Tango - 1 things left

    - - - - Town Portal
    - - - - Town Portal (casting now)

    - - - - Ultimate Orb - Little update.

    - - - - Ultimate Scepter - New magical thing

    - - - - Urn of Shadows - Making it smaller wasn't necessary, so I've returned older one and put some edit on it. About the edit: I removed red glow from eyes, because red glow is just terribad. It isn't necessary and doesn't fit the icon - without red glow it looks so "mysterious", "what could be inside", and then you just added the red glow. I hate it.

    - - - - Vanguard - WTF? It looked so iconic before. Returned.

    - Veil of Discord - OK

    - - - - Vitality Booster

    - Ok, but one thing about wards. Make less meat please :c Still ok

    - - - - Yasha - I've removed some glow

    - Wraith Band - Wow, before update i liked the oldest version, but now it's ok.
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    That Tango-thing is an interesting idea, although it's really not necessary because you have the numbers telling you how many you have left.
    Agree with: Wraith Band, Sagi's Mask, Soul Ring, Reaver, Sacred Relic, Mithril Hammer, Ethereal Blade, Eaglesong, Blink Dagger and Scythe of Vyse (although your Sheepstick is kinda weird, there's a shining thing on the edge of it, I think this one looks better -
    Disagree with: Vanguard, Urn of Shadows (the healing is green, so it makes sense for the smoke to be green too)
    The others I didn't mention show almost no difference between the new/old icons.
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    The only one that I think is a horrible idea is the Urn of Shadows. It would be WAY too dark and dull.

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    i completely disagree. The urn of shadows is fine, I prefer it the way you made it, after all its a damn Urn that is charged by the death of heroes. It's nice to have a dark and menacing item compared to all the kiddie items in dota2.

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    really meaningless differences. you have too much spare time, use it wiser.

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    Scythe of Vyse (although your Sheepstick is kinda weird, there's a shining thing on the edge of it, I think this one looks better -
    You edited your post, you said that it looks like STR item. I wanted to recreate DotA 1 Guinsoo, but I agree with your earlier post. May be just leave it blue as an INT item?

    Urn of Shadows (the healing is green, so it makes sense for the smoke to be green too)
    Hm, may be recolour healing effect of Urn?

    really meaningless differences. you have too much spare time, use it wiser.

    btw, 3.5 hours of fun. I loved to edit healing potion, for example.

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    I forgot to remove liquid of flask, so it looks like a sack.

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    Nice!!! I liked it!!!!

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    mkb, mom, armlet. Gj

    edit: mkb
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    Like blademail and hex.

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