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Thread: Huge spike near the start of the game

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    Huge spike near the start of the game

    Since the most recent patch, every time I play I game I get one huge stutter near the beginning of the game. It's usually between 2 and 5 minutes in, I haven't been able to pinpoint what's causing it. Same sort of stuttering that happens when people pick heroes, but since it's a few minutes after picks I'm not sure if it's actually related.

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    I've also had the same in games. To a more extreme extent, the game freezes for about 5 seconds after I pick a hero when I go for a practice game to test changes and see new ones.

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    That freeze after hero picking is currently expected. We load the hero data at that point synchronously. We have plans to support asynchronous loading in the future, but you will get the stutter during load for now.

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