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Thread: Plans on improving ward placing?

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    This happened to me again today, I don't know why there's no response at all to this. I've learned the most popular wardspots by now, but twitch-placing a sentry ward has as much chance of succeeding as not near edges of cliffs. Please, Valve, is it so hard to just give an answer?

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    Why do you feel like they have to give you an answer? They probably know about the issue already...

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    T-up, i created a similar thread , with 4 new ward spots, they would not affect balance at all, as they can be targeted easily and both sides would have new spots.
    It would only change the way you play the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blash365 View Post
    i am quite happy with seeing the wc3 dota map ported almost exactly and wc3 dota had those spots too.
    Sarcasm? It'd better be.

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