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Thread: Steam wide top live matches promotion

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    Lightbulb Steam wide top live matches promotion

    The thread is meant to discuss about weather the features should be implemented or not and how it could/should be done.

    Every time the tens of millions of steam users start steam, they see this pop-up with new steam games adverts. I think it would be very great and important to promote ongoing dota2 matches thru this pop-ups. Yes I understand the reason valve is making this game adverts, they want to sell them and make money, obviously. Dota2 would take away part of this during the course of few top matches. To compensate this I wrote down an idea about ingame advertisement. I also made an topic about a dota2 spectator version, a version, free to use for spectating only, attracting more ppl to see top dota2 matches and maybe get hooked to it.

    The main thought behind this idea is, the bigger the viewer number of top matches, the more viewers will be attracted to dota2 games in the future. Huge viewer numbers will make gamers talk about them in forums/chats/social media, fighting their fights, dota2>xyz, and so on. Huge viewer numbers will get the attention of esports/gaming homepages, make them write articles about this phenomenon, attracting more and most importantly different and new types of people. Causing a positive snowball effect. Making free but priceless marketing for dota2.

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