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Thread: anti spoiler replay feature

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    I mean a checkbox or so in the options for "watch tournaments spoilerfree" would really not be that much work.

    I would prefer to simply see match 1, click here, match 2 click here. And ofcourse for the first round you could have all the names visible but for the 2nd round I don't want to see who already advances cause that ruins all their games they play in round 1 since I know they will win all or most of the games since they are already in round 2.

    Watching the IT 2 was pretty good since you couldn't see that much of the rounds but unfortunally that was spoiled aswell when I started up the test server and saw very big XXX has won including picture/flag and everything.

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    Wish there were some more people going through this forum to get this sort of needed feedback and comment on it and then hopefully implement it. That Valve used it in the IT 2 and such shows they knows its usefull.

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    I would like to voice my support for this.

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    DotaCinema just added this feature to their free VOD system.

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    Hint Valve?

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    Bump.... Posting because TPL winners have been ruined from watching one match just because I KNOW whoever won the 1st won the next 2. So stupid that ANY tourny that does more than BO1 (Most seem to be BO3) is ruined for people who do not want to kno the winner.

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    We need this Valve

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    Two specific things that I would like in terms of spoiler prevention:

    First, I'd like some kind of dummy game to be shown for game 3 in a bo3 which ends in two games. Currently it's obvious that the winner of the first game also wins the second, when there are only two games shown.

    Second, it would be good if there were some way to view the heroes played in a game without revealing the full scoreboard.

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    I'm sick of paying for tournament passes and having games spoiled

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