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Thread: "Your match is ready"-Interface

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    "Your match is ready"-Interface

    I'm interested in your opinion:

    Do you think it is useful that after you clicked "find matchmaking game" the "your match is ready: accept/deny" window appears as another step of approval?

    Since you can not see with/against what kind of players you are matched, there is probably 1 game in 1000 where you have a reason to deny.
    To me having to click accept every time again seems unneccessary.

    So my suggestion would be it auto-accepts in the "your match is ready" window after 5 seconds, and if someone denies you automatically get queed again.

    BTW I'm using german version, so it might not say accept/deny, but something similar on the buttons.

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    Been discussed in a number of threads already. Advanced Search -> "accept" in title
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