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Thread: Item icons I still don't like and some Active Suggestions

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    Item icons I still don't like and some Active Suggestions

    - Eye of Skadi - The item stands out but for the wrong reasons, background just stands out a lot more than the icon itself, maybe make it light blue or something. Right now it just looks really ugly on the scoreboard

    - Sange Yasha - Both items individually look ok, but when combined they become all black for no reason... making them look bad. No reason for a big huge change, since when combined, the user's power remains almost the same, except he has an extra slot

    - Headress - It still looks more like an offensive item than a defensive one with the spikes

    - Phase Boots - All the other boots face the right side (Boots of Speed, Boots of Travel, Power Treads, Tranquil Boots and Arcane Boots) so for the sake of consistency just make them face the right aswell

    - Refresher Orb - I don't really like the design, I think the old one looked better


    - Urn - I think that it should just look empty when it has no souls, and then with the green mold when it has souls.

    - Mask of Madness - This item should have steam coming out from its mouth and eyes when it's activated. Kinda like Radiance with the glowing but a smoke effect instead.

    - Blademail - Make it grow spikes on the chest when activated

    - Black King Bar - Make the eyes glow when activated

    Simple and obvious things that should get fixed/added asap: SCOREBOARD, Ingame friend list, Different Ping for Roshan, Add Notes to Players, Accept Button while tabbed

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    Agree with Skadi, that background somehow ruins the icon. Regarding the suggestions, all are nice and would really like to see such details implemented!

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