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    Dota 2 Lore Megathread

    This is a repost of a long forgotten thread created by Hefaistus back in the day, which I now have permission to update every time new bits of lore are added to the game. All credit goes to Hefaistus, once again, with me handling everything that came out after Shadow Demon.

    As of right now, some of the lore bits that accompany the latest items are not implemented yet, their importance being a non-obvious matter.
    One of the things that impresses me the most so far about Dota 2 is the lore. I personally find it enthralling, immersive and sometimes it's quite funny as well. I decided to sit down for a moment and make several lists out of the already gathered lore and try to piece together what can be pieced together. Or, in the new caretaker's case, continue doing that with whoever comes next.
    As of this moment, there are 109 (a grand total of 114 if you count each member of the Techies and all Meepo's Meepo friends) heroes in the game, each of them spotting a backstory of their own. On top of that, all abilities and items also have little bits of lore, while voice files also give us more insight into some of the heroes and the events that have transpired in the Dota 2 world, and like if that wasn't enough we have an in-game lorebook. However, I am afraid analyzing all of that might be too much for me alone, so if you happen to have come across something that is missing here, just drop a message and I will see if I can add it to the OP. Same goes for incorrect information possibly given here. So, without further ado: the Dota 2 Lore Megathread.

    Before the world was even created, there was an unending war between two entities, much to the chagrin of the vast Primordials; and thus they were locked up together inside a prison: the Mad Moon. As the world of Dota 2 captured the Mad Moon inside it's gravitational fields, all seemed fine, but underneath the crust, the two inhabitants were at work on freeing themselves. After what can only be thought of as a long time, they managed to free themselves and fell together with some of the remains of their prison to the planet. But nothing really is that simple, as some of the entities on the battlefield clearly seem to have had a hand in this. But, however cloudy, the visuals to this backstory can be found here.
    What fell to the surface would influence the civilizations that settled around these fragments, granting them kinetic energy, mana, protection, even resurrection. However, the entities could not let go off their pasts and soon, they were at war again, this time using not only the civilizations, but even calling forth heroes to fight their little quarrel.
    This piece has been heavily summarized from the work in progress lore found here. Follow the link to view the extensive piece of lore in all of its glory and of course comment on it! As ambigious and vague and suggestive as it is.

    Outstanding seasonal and historical events:
    Like any other world, the world of Dota is not without an arrangement of celebrations and holidays of its' own. And since tracking down every single one up to the Greevil Labor Exploitation Appreciation Day would be an honorable, if not stupid undertaking, below are listed the most outstanding celebrations and events that tip the balance of the war between the Ancients in one way or another.


    Tis the season of the Dire, rising grimly ever higher, greevils hatching for Roshan - Radiant's power is almost gone. This celebration is more akin to a flight for one's life if that one happens to be an unfortunate enough passerby to cross into the war zone. That is mainly because Heroes of both sides, one now stronger, the other falling to weakness, are to contain the beast, Roshan - Diretide is the (almost) annual suspension of the thief's curse. Presumably having gone mad after millenia of intermittent deaths and having become equally powerful, albeit not mad with power, he stalks the field in search of the only thing that can now satisfy his hunger - the delicious Greevil Taffy, made out of greevils in horrendously gruesome ways that only a being capable of cooking an organic being into a confettioner's work of art could properly understand.

    It is not recorded what happens if the raging beast prevails - this year's reports are vastly ambigious in their implications of him simply refusing to fall despite the fact that the implications keep coming in. The information regarding the celebration of Diretide in other lands - and the actual fact of it being celebrated there - is also considerably scarce. What is known, however, is that Roshan's powers expand tremendously if not to say exponentially. He masters devastating dispersive deep strikes, becomes capable of recreating the apocalypse in a short area around him, and only gains power when mighty heroes try and slay him. To noone's surprise, killing the beast also becomes a much tougher procedure. His presence is, however, a welcomed factor, for otherwise the Dire would have no reason not to utterly devastate their Radiant enemies.

    Overlooking and guiding the grim yet exciting event is the duty of Krobelus, the Death Prophet, who sees all from beyond the veil and tells all from the very same location - as much as you can tell without spoiling the other Ancient's efforts, you must understand.

    What worries most, however, is that in the days of Diretide, Roshan finds a way to spawn offspring of his. None may know where those so-called Roshlings come from (some speculate that it may be due to the sudden appearance of countless lots of greevil eggs in the area) or where they go after the celebration/fight for survival of the land is over. Some have reported seeing Heroes use them as enslaved artefact couriers, however, but one knows just how much you should trust gossipers - to think of it, some actually claim that there are golden Roshlings. Absolutely disgusting.


    Ah, Frostivus, the joyous celebration which takes place in the coldest of times, the Ancients both retreating their forces and laying low. The time of peace, happiness; the time of givening. Due to irreversible terrain changes, there actually begins a truce between those Radiant and Dire forces that remained on the fields of battle.

    Holiday cheer takes all, as valiant warriors participate in fun games of Ice-Is-Not-Nice, pouring alcoholic drinks on their teammates et cetera. One of the finishing parts is planting the Star of Madness, presumably a reminder of the Mad Moon's story and existance, on the mightiest tree around - which happens to be Rooftrellen most of the times.

    The truest essence of Frostivus, however, is in the spirit of givening. Gifts are the focus of all attention, and none may remain pouting on the absence of a shiny new Mekansm. Absolutely nothing may ever stop the magical celebration that is Frostivus, for it is beyond sacred, even the most horrible of demons not laying an appendage on the traditional holiday. To further prove such wonderful points, we are to engage in endearing wreath-knitting and calling back to the spirit Furtive Frostus, spreading gifts unknown and not yet wanted to these who expect it least. Glorious joy for everyone is in stock this year!

    With utmost certainty it can be said that Frostivus, the one season of cheer, will surely go on for ages, undisturbed.

    The Greeviling

    A most horrendous catastrophe has happened last year, for Frostivus has been nothing short of cancelled by hordes and hordes of Greevil beasts. None still know where the blobby vermin came from - no sane person would ever keep an egg, let alone expose it to magical essences, which, as forensics now claim, is most clearly what happened, as the greevils found on the fields of war were very clearly rather grown and mutated. In a mind-boggling act of defiance, the magical beasts have raided Woode Eadweard's Secret Shop and stole all the gifts - and that is no exaggeration! - effectively dooming themselves to a magical curse of untold power. The curse, however, seemed to be rather delayed, and the fate of Frostivus - and the gifts - lied in the hands of Heroes currently residing in the valleys where the Radiant/Dire struggle used to take place. The terrible greevil horde had taken over every inch of the field safe for the now partially defunct bases; even Roshan was reported missing, replaced with a mega giga Greevil Roshan, though that is neither confirmed nor denied by officials.

    Guided by Tusk, a Hero who was, at the time, yet to arrive at the fields but still was fit for announcer duty, the ten warriors, magi, demons and other Fundamentals fought over the gifts in the now frozen landscapes. The Frostivus truce forgotten, the Radiant and the Dire yet again were up to their routine of fighting each other, this time competing in an attempt to gather the most gifts from slain greevils - presumably to increase their side's popularity among simple folk.

    This insulting turn of events is yet again a reminder to all in regards to respect for holiday cheer and greevil awareness.

    Wraith Night

    Zoinks! As the wonderfully reformed and spiritually imbued Frostivus season of givening was to breach the horizon, a wraithful deed has been done. The Skeleton King Ostarion wished to crumble no longer, his skeletal body a cage for the ruler of insurmountable power. It is on the time of maximal power that he has cancelled Frostivus and ordered open conflict over the lands - these who serve him would be rewarded, these who do not... would have to try and beat him. He was to take the form of Wraith King, a being that solely swaggers the lanes.

    And so an aeon of strife opened up on a lonely snowy plain - improbable forces against an unlikely group of Heroes who swore alliance to the future Wraith King. None were left to watch over the battle, of such imperativeness the fight was. Laws of nature were broken that night, and dust never settled as shards and fragments and souls ascended to the skies, forming miraculous new slots in the armory.

    Few lived to tell the tale of what happened on December 12th, on the millenial solstice Wraith-Night. Hordes of eerily familiar (magically multiplied, some would say) creatures marched off into the gloom of wraith lights and never returned. Insurpassable power channeled through the air, frozen shards taking form; but few if any returned. It is not open for us, the secret of what happened on Wraith Knight, but since that day the Wraith King now looks over his newly redecorated lands (which he does not exactly reside in often lately) and a new meaning was added to the day when Wraith-Night is celebrated each millenium.

    Hordes of undead monsters were unleashed that day, spirits of the Ogre Magi of old, unfortunate engineers who completed their masterpieces in death, zombies, ghosts and snakes. All of them now forever consumed to hail the Wraith King.

    New Bloom

    A time of great chaos and greater rewards, it is a neutral period when neither Radiant nor Dire have the upper hand, both of them recovering from the harshness of winter. The snow and the cold fall back, and the world is colored anew, its new bloom attracting discordant entities. With blossoming flowers and gifts from the eastern reigns, the world faces those who laid dormant during the bleak cold of winter - the Year Beast comes, in cycles ravaging the populace, its true place neither in space nor in time. All must defend themselves - there is little telling as to when the cycle of terror starts, and arms have to be raised.

    Fireworks are prepared all over the lands to scare the serpentine Beast away, though only those crafted with special Flamesalt Ingots would truly harm it. Little known is of how a battle with the Beast goes down, at least not right now.

    But not only does the New Bloom mean that temporal horrors reign in chaos, it also means the rebirth of the essence of luck and other fortune-bringing spirits. Heroes offer their garb to the Eight Shades of Fortune in hopes of a lucky gift from the entities. New fashions spring up among them, and a radiant, albeit not Radiant, tone establishes on the field.

    As the dim beginning of spring marks the beginning of the New Bloom Festival, with paper lanterns lighting the way and fireworks firing away, all will indubitabily prevail over the Year Beast and go back to their regularly scheduled carnage.

    Nemesis Assassin

    A lesser-known event from the history of the world, but a cosmically important one nonetheless - upon having been approached for dispatchment by the Phantom Assassin, the Oracle had managed to sway her loyalty. The omniscious nature of the alien's knowledge stretched over billions of parallel universes - those that he knew a decent number of thigns from. Such as the list of people most likely to kill him. He intended not to die.

    As such, a selfish desire combined with a reality-warping set of mirrored twin swords resulted in an event of continuity-stetching proportions, where the Assassin would dispatch her targets on various planes, working to learn of what her own actions went on to cause... Assuming she ends up in the same reality.

    We are not fully sure whether this event took place in the same reality as our main one. Do blame Nerif the Oracle for that. He makes things difficult.

    Not so long ago, a tome containing the stories of old and slightly less old has been uncovered - the Archronicus opens its pages to those it deems worthy, and uncovers to them secrets from small to big. As of right now, but a few are uncovered. The transcripts can be found if you follow the link above; here will be left parts that openly correlate with the Heroes and events we know of.

    • The Dire and Radiant ancient are yet again said to be focused on their eternal fight and that only; they emanate dire and radiant energies respectively, but ultimately are focused on just their strife. That doesn't make them neutral in nature, but they do not belong to either evil or good.
    • - it is not explicitly stated that there were any Titans in the story of the Mad Moon and the Ancients, which leads one to believe that the inhabitants of the world mostly don't even know who made them.
    • - the order Davion belongs to is called Scaled Knights of Uthorian. Their shields are also rather resistant to the dragons' stomach acids.
    • The Gem of True Sight was found by a successful group of seamen, according to the poem, and with that allowed them to see the dead - that, and awakened the rage of Maelrawn the Tentacular. They only barely fled, carrying with them the Gem, which is now safe on land. Who knows which marine creatures under his control did Maelrawn (the alleged lord of the underwater world at the stated moment) send to the surface to retrieve it as the kraken failed...
    • - The story of how the tradition of Last Strike came to be has the progenitor of the style be Lord Regend Ulrich Laste of Stonehall - the same Stonehall to later fall to the abyss, Tresdin unable to hold them off.
    • - A separate passage describes the somewhat recent events that lead to Wraith King's ascension and further delves into the story behind it.

    Connected heroes:
    The amount of connected heroes is slowly starting to expand, with recent heroes starting to have more and more connections with previously connected heroes. In this list we have a summary of heroes who are somehow not indifferent to each other, either through race, family, region or rivalry.

    • &,,,& and everyone else - Elder Titan pretty much created the Seven Planes, this world among them. So he's kind of an umpteen times granddad to every being there is, even those spectral. Fundamentals stand apart, however, as they seem to have existed before. Earthshaker has a purpose which Elder Titan acknowelges, but Raigor himself is unaware of, for he apparently shaped the continents.
    • , and everyone else - Thanks to the Oracle, there is never any certainty when talk of reality is made. Having shattered his home dimension, unrelated to the main world as we know it, he has entered that same main world - and it seems that he springs infinite universes with every utterance. As for Phantom Assassin, she became an unlikely ally, seeking out entities and beings most likely to kill the Oracle, and getting rid of them - causing many paradoxes, likely to render her wish of knowledge of what things she caused useless.
    • ?, , - Earth Spirit and Elder Titan seem to like to make it clear to Tiny that they know who he is and where he came from, mostly while crushing him into dust. Earthshaker, also a being of earth, is more considerate. Assuming that the Celestial in Kaolin's statue is the one that rules over all soil of the world, it means that technically, he was directly created by Elder Titan; Raigor following suit as the next biggest thing.
    • , - The abovementioned Spirit also makes some interesting claims, among them the fact that Nature's Prophet should revere him by right and is technically under his command. Looking back at the Verodician mythos, it is rather likely that Verodicia herself went to the earth after her death, and the Earth's soul and mind are currently in the statue of a Wailing general.
    • vs Admiral Kunkka and Tidehunter are each others' nemesi.
    • vs Lina the Slayer and Rylai the Crystal Maiden are sisters and bloody rivals.
    • & Crystal Maiden seems to have known the Snowball from Cobalt (Tusk as we call him) quite well back in her days in the vicinity of Blueheart Glacier.
    • & The duo of Bristleback and Tusk have been at each other's throats ever since the former overstayed his welcome in the bar the latter was an enforcer in. It's only a barkeep's cunning that prevented the place from being smashed into the tiniest of shreds, and had the two wander off to look for a real fight - either that or search out the punchy customer, respectively.
    • & Saying that Dragonus, the Skywrath Mage has a crush on Shendelzare would be quite an understatement. The Vengeful Spirit herself, however, seems to be quite distrusting towards him. Their relationship really isn't at its peak.
    • , Slark and Slithice are a little bit similar. It's implied through some lines and item descriptions (see Encore, a blade for Nightcrawler) that Slark has the hots for Naga. At the very least he is a fan of her voice. Given, he's not obsessed with her, but still. The Naga Siren herself is largely unaware of that, Slark mostly keeps to himself.
    • vs His monastery having been ravaged by the Dead God's servants, Anti-Mage is rather predictably angry at said Dead God's herald of destruction, the Undying. The latter seems to pay little attention to him.
    • , The Moon Rider, Luna and the Princess of the Moon, Mirana both serve Selemene and guard the Nightsilver Forests. It should be said, however, that from the former's responses, their relationship is highly competitive.
    • , Razzil Darkbrew rides an unnamed ogre, and the Ogre Magi is/are, well, an ogre/ogres. The latter sometimes mourn/mourns the death of the ogre and the ogre only in case the Alchemist duo falls to them/him.
    • vs Pugna and Viper both hail from the Nether Reaches. Pugna also claims in his voicelines that Viper was at one point his pet.
    • , Medusa, perhaps through her Olympus connections, knows Zeus and his siblings slash offspring rather well. She isn't much of a fan, too, but the descendant of a god is not very high on her list of priorities.
    • , , , , Rubick the Grand Magus is among the very, very few who can remember the Invoker back in the early days - he specifically mentions how he did not call himself Invoker back then, but rather went as Arsenal Magus. The same applies to the Undying, whose seemingly sole memory of his previous life seems to be the Invoker - more importantly, he appears remembers the mage's real name. Dragonus probably made a brief acquaintance with him, only for Invoker to not remember much of the Skywrath Mage - there was clearly something big enough for the wrathful and jumpy aerial man to think that he warrants a blot in the Invoker's memory. Lastly, Mirana also possesses the knoweldge of Invoker's real name.
    • &&&(, ) Tinker, Clockwerk, Sniper and the engineer who created the Gyrocopter are all part of the Keen Folk, Alchemist arguably being one of them just as well, having a couple of different features and not exactly being called one of the Keen Folk by his enemies. It is, however, rather possible that Razzil belongs to a race of so-called small-keen alongside his similarly purple companion Rizzrack, pilot of the Timbersaw suit, and the yellowish trio of Techies Demolitions.
    • & (& ), , Both Siren and Slardar had at one point served in the Slithereen Guard; the latter still an active part of it, the former banished to find what was once stolen. They maintain a rather friendly relationship, Slithice can often be found mourning Slardar's death should she kill him. She also refers to the Shadow Shaman as an old friend for reasons unknown. Tidehunter and Slark also might belong to the Slithereen race because of how vague the description and requirements are.
    • , Lanaya used to study what little was left of the Violet Archives, most likely including a couple of materials written by the major Tinker Boush. It is possible that the Templar Assassin does know of his fate and how he had to survive what others could not; though she never mentions him.
    • &&&() Axe, Warlock and the Disruptor all belong to the people of Oglodi, the shattered pieces of what used to be a great civilization. Both Disruptor and Axe seem to have fought together during the early years of the Thousand Tarns campaign. Bradwarden's Centaur nation is a friendly neighbour from the steppes. Lifestealer is mostly rotten and is more or less a husk, and yet he counts.
    • vs Dazzle is the one that more or less granted Huskar his powers. The latter, however, is largely not amused, since all he wanted was martyrship and a place among gods.
    • , Shadow Shaman is half hill troll, Jah'rakal is all monger troll. The Troll Warlord that the hill trolls are the weakest of all, though he's an unreliable source of information. The forest creep hill trolls seem to be able to launch magic projectiles with their axes, so who knows, maybe he is just jealous.
    • ,, The Spirit Breaker refers to Leshrac and Spectre as fellow planeswalkers, though it is quite possible that while he did know about the two's existance, he never met them in person until now. Those are the only ones who are openly said to be planeswalkers, anyway.
    • vs The order of Aeol Drias that Silencer hails from is the sworn enemy of the Knights of the Fold, Chen's order.
    • , Clinkz hails from the Hoven, which lies at the base of the Bleeding Hills, birthplace of Shadow Shaman.
    • , Bestmaster and Lycanthrope both originate from the same kingdom, and both had to deal with its' unjust ruler, The Last King, in their early childhoods. They do not seem to know about each other's deeds, however, since neither Banehallow nor Karroch talk about each other at all (not counting a single irrelevant rivalry line for Beastmaster that Lycan has).
    • &vs () (, , ) Doom, Shadow Fiend and Shadow Demon all hail from the same place (partly counting out Doom, as he was originally a creature of light), with Doom and Shadow Fiend teaming up at one point to bring Shadow Demon down. Out of all three, Doom seems to be the biggest force, both Nevermore and Shadow Demon having been under his command at some point, the latter still clinging to dominance and the former mostly minding his own buisness of collecting souls. Terrorblade, while a pure demon, does not seem to be connected to the other three much, their genus aside, his path is that of a renegade and a marauder. Warlock, Lion and Queen of Pain are all connected with the daemons without necessarily being them - Warlock summons a bound Golem, Lion is demon-infested through his arm and Queen of Pain is a succubus, and succubi are usually daemons... by logic.
    • &((&)&)+ Sylla the Lone Druid is visibly hearbroken if he has to stand against Nature's Prophet or dies at his hand. He also lost a finger to Ulfsaar back when the future Ursa Warrior was a cub, and the two maintain a friendly relationship to this day. And all of them, Treant Protector included and even shown together with half of this group, are closely associated with nature and forests - thus making it very possible that they all know the Enchantress .
    • &&& Mangix the Brewmaster is half-celestial from birth and the ex-elementalist Thunderkeg, now the Storm Spirit, willingly merged himself with one, namely Raijin. Kaolin the long passed general and Xin the warrior-poet were also infused with Celestial essence - the Earth Spirit and the Ember Spirit (or the Burning Celestial, either seems to work), albeit posthumously. Storm Spirit and Brewmaster could possibly have known each other even, perhaps in the old days; the other two are lone wolves when it comes to social and celestial interaction.
    • (vs) , The Chaos Knight devotes his existance to hunting down an other Fundamental - the Light; or, in other words, Ezalor the Keeper of the Light. And Wisp, Io the name he, she or it goes by, is a Fundamental as well, roaming across the fabric of the universe, not much unlike Enigma , who is another Fundamental wanderer whose true history is long lost to the cosmos.
    • vs The current Nyx Assassin apparently has a qualm with Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus. Judging by the latter's claims, the Assassin's caste had suffered losses at the hand of House Avernus, or maybe even Abaddon himself.
    • & Visage serves as the guardian of the gateway into the Narrow Maze, while Razor patrols the maze, hastening the souls along. Going by Visage's rival lines, he is aware of Razor's role, although Razor has no such lines for Visage.
    • vs Visage 's voicelines indicate he knows Lion , expressing great surprise when they are on the same side, and telling Lion to go back to hell (again) when they are on opposing sides, likely having had to deal with him multiple times before during his multiple appearances in Narrow Maze (Hell?).
    • , Ezalor, Keeper of The Light sparkles new suns to life, thousands of them being his handywork. This makes him quite directly responsible for the genocide of the Night Stalker Balanar's people - something neither of them seem to be aware of, or, in the elderly Fundamental's case, care about much.
    • , - The Keeper set light to the first sun, and Phoenix is a fledgling star several generations down the line - he could call Ezalor his grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grandfather.
    • vs&/or - Rizzrack, the Timbersaw suit pilot, has decent grounds for concern regarding working with Nature's Prophet and Rooftrellen. The creatures that destroyed Augury Bay might very well have been the treants - or perhaps the Treant Protectors , who reside in Augury Vale, the two places likely connected. That is if we are to trust the blurry backstory of the man who might very well not be all there and, who knows, may have been the cause of the Incident at Augury Bay.
    • & & & (& ) - Meepo , Meepo , Meepo , Meepo and the sometimes late to the party Meepo are the bestest friends in the whole world. They're almost like twin brothers. In crime.

    • &Aghanim - At least by claim, Rubick the Grand Magus is the son of the great Aghanim, the creator of the shapeshifting Scepter.

    As of now, there is not a lot of established races in the universe of Dota 2. What is known can be found in the species list somewhere above. This part is fully dedicated to speculation on hero races and their possible connections to each other.

    Currently, there are three main cathegories: Humanoid, Otherworld and Other. Those can be divided into multiple lists. All of which can be found below, explanations included.

    It should also probably be noted that for a more comprehensible list you should visit this thread and take a look at this picture. Though the three lists may contradict with each other in some places, it is still best to read them one by one.

    Human, Deformed Human, Former Human:
    Humans, are, essentially, your generic humans and one of the few races to actually be called by its' name in hero lores. Look in the mirror for an extended list of special traits and details. Also includes heroes who could have been human or may or may not be human depending on how far this term stretches in Dota 2. Many of those appear in lists below.

    *, *, , , , , , , , *, , *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, , *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *.

    Additional details:
    Order of Aeol Drias
    Sworn enemies of the Knights of the Fold. Have a technical approach to their strategies, breeding future fighters themselves.

    - Was bred by the order and spent his early years in their Hidden Cantonment.

    Clans of Hazhadal Barrens
    Those are nomads and tribemen of the deserts, fighting clan versus clan on a regular basis.

    - The soon-to-be Holy Knight was born to one before having been converted into a Knight of the Fold.

    The Nation of Cladd
    Cladd appears to be just a country - a seemingly powerful one at that, having a mighty fleet at one time. What's of some note is that they employed cannon ships as part of the fleet, meaning that either non-Keens have access to technology or that they're in a trade alliance with them - at least at some point they must have been.

    - The Admiral is a Claddsman, having been tasked with protecting his homeland long back in the day. Lost his entire fleet in one fateful battle, hardly making it out alive, washing up on the Keen shores in mildly savorable condition. In fact, see Undead. No matter how bad it all was, he did go on to step to the captain's deck once again, on his new flagship "The Mighty Leviathan", spotting a Keen crew.

    The House Avernus
    Based in the caverns surround the Font of Avernus, a source of immense power - including prophecy - and the mysterious black mist which evidently conceals and empowers all members. Are sworn to protect the Font with their lives.

    - The more spiritual Lord of Avernus compared to those before him; also the most successful. Mastered the black mist and the arts of life and death. His face seems to be highly deformed, twisting his mouth into a perpetually gaping maw, which he appears to use for Mist Coil creation.

    The Faceless Ones
    Their sole representative in the game and in the world wears a mask on his head, and looks very humanlike - but his belonging to the race of humans is questionable, as we don't know what his face looks like... If he has one, that is - he himself calls his people "The Faceless Ones". Their culture is considerably sophisticated, them having numerous aspects, such as those of Beast and Man; Ivory and Ebony; aspect of the Boar; and devoting themself to a chosen one at a given point. It is very possible that they inhabited more than one island, but, as far as it goes, it appears that wherever they lived, their land would soon be destroyed.

    - Was born on the Isle of Masks, later luckily banished days before it was destroyed, effectively making him the last of his kind.

    The Kingdom of Slom
    A very troubled kingdom, which seemed to be well up until the ruling of its' Last King.

    - Was born in Slom, served to the Last King. Later played a great part in his demise.
    - Originally a member of one of the noble houses of Slom. All his relatives were massacred by the Last King, he himself was cursed with lycanthropy, making him half-human now.

    Stonehall Denizens
    These who hailed from the now-ravaged city of Stonehall that has had a somewhat illustrious military history. It had various armed forced assigned to it, but when abyssal invasion took place it was but the Bronze Legion (now mostly KIA) that was close enough to respond. What few survivors and remains remained aren't stated to have stayed in the city.

    - Tresdin was, and technically still is, the commander of the aforementioned Bronze Legion. She now strides the lands in search of vengeance over the abyssal filth that slaughtered her kin and seems to often come across blades that change her demeanor rather drastically.

    People of the Wailing Mountains
    It is not clear what they would look like - all their representatives are either half-celestial or are inanimate objects infused with Celestial power to become sentient and humanoid. Still, they are at least humanoid and likely bear similarities to the human race. They seem to have greatly exaggerated foreheads and chins, almost blocky ones at that, and impressive musculature. It's not unlikely that they come in many colors, too, though there is a possibility that it's the Celestials that change their texture.

    - Half-celestial now. According to his lore, he was, in fact, a human. See Celestials.
    - Technically a statue of a general whose features seem to be a decent lot like Storm Spirit and Brewmaster's (without the fur, at least). Imbued by the Earth Spirit out of whom it was actually made of in the first place.
    - Technically a pile of ashes and embers which was taken over by the appreciative Burning Celestial. Likely keeps the look they used to have when they were the warrior-poet Xin, his facial features also bearing considerable similarity to the other spirits.
    - Extremely unlikely. It might be that it's the Celestial part that dominates in him, that is, if the Order of Oyo are humans. See Celestials.

    The Empire of Xhacatocatl
    Is under the influence of the Flayed Twins, and is bound to supply them with blood lest they suffer the same fate their sole hunter bestows upon others.

    - Is the aforementioned hunter; was likely a human before having been heavily mutated by the Twins to suit his purpose better. See Animal Features.

    - Partly Pallid Meranth, father presumed to be human, looking at his composture. Might be something else. See Mer.
    - Part dragon after his encouter with Slyrak.
    - Might have been human, or may still be a human - see Undead. That is, if you don't consider the fact that his skeleton doesn't look like it... if it's a skeleton. Okay, I'll shut it, just go to Undead.
    - Aside from her pointed ears (correct, see Ancient Heroes) and current state of unliving, she does look like a human. See Undead, too.
    - His skeletal features are similar to those of a human skeleton, and yet he has pointed ears. See Ancient Heroes.
    - Could have been a human before becoming what he is now. Still, it is very noticeable that he is extremely tall; but what couldn't the Dead God's influence bring onto him?
    - Might have been a regular human before being turned into a centaur-esque creature.
    - As stated in his lore, he used to be a human before becoming the Venomancer deep in the Jidi Islands.
    - There is nothing suspicious at first, but... He's orange and his eyes are unusual in how their sclera is purple but the rest is plain white. Turskarturian rituals? Or a different race altogether? Still he's humanoid enough.
    - Pointed ears. See Ancient Heroes.
    - Could have been a human before his demonplasty, considering that this might have changed him quite drastically. In fact, this makes him a likely candidate for whatever race. Well, at least he's humanoid, there's that.
    - Most of his face has been deformed due to prolonged exposure to plague and rot, and his voice, oh gee. Also has pointed ears - see Ancient Heroes.
    - With impressive bulk for a wraith, Wraith King is distinctly humanoid in his appearance and also has an entry in the Undead section far below.
    - Pointed ears. See Ancient Heroes.
    - Is twisted and deformed enough to have a possibility of having been a human. While his mother's head is kind of present in the game, it's shrunken; but most of her features are akin to those of her son. Also see Trolls.
    - Wears obscure green clothing and moves in an almost inhumane, twitchy manner, but seems to be a representative of the human race.
    - Is pale green and her eyes are more akin to those of an animal.
    - Could have been a human before having been altered by the Hidden Temple's mysteries. Only it's never hinted that she was changed.
    - It's never stated if he belongs to a specific race, but he does look rather human, especially if you take a closer look at the face under his helmet. He might look a bit undeadish, but that's just what the Mist does to you.
    - ???

    Those are the heroes who originate from different universes, worlds and timelines.

    *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *.

    Additional details:

    The Nation From Behind The Wall
    It is likely that most of them have one feature in common: pointy heads. They also appear to be rather dimunitive, and have a thing for beards, much like the Keen Folk of this world. See Keen Folk.

    - Ish'kafel was a revered general of his homeland before he was forced to leave it behind.

    The Fundamentals
    Sentient manifestations of the universe's fundamental powers, the Fundamentals originate from a distant plane, and are able to travel between them by their own will. Originally the four were one in a single perfect Unity, but then a particular Elder somebody seems to have lost his spark and that lead to what's called either The Shattering or The Schism, where the four were divided at last. It's not clear which of the two terms relates to that event, and what the remaining one stands for.

    - The Chaos Knight is the Fundamental of Chaos, and is still seeking for the Fundamental of Light.
    - Io is an ancient Fundamental, an entity of forces repulsive and attractive, his physical existance in this plane only explainable by controlled warping of those opposite forces.
    - Heavily hinted in Wisp's lore to be a Fundamental as well, it mentioning an ancient Fundamental wanderer whose true history is long lost to the eons. Later started refering to himself as a Fundamental. It took way over a year for Enigma's enigma to solve itself. Apparently took part in The Shattering.
    - The Keeper of the Light is the Fundamental of Light, being the first Fundamental to escape great Primordial harmony. Called a child of the Schism by Elder Titan who knows best.

    Sentient Stars
    Stars sprung off from the first light of the universe are not just masses of gas - they have a will of their own, and a mind of a cosmic entity. While most stars abide by their mysterious codes, some yet find themselves drawn to certain events, and find a way to propel themselves onto the mortal worlds.

    - Phoenix is one such star, one that is cyclic in nature and found itself drawn to the place where the two Ancients were to battle.

    The Titans
    Those who shaped worlds and themselves, the Titans are majestic, vast beings of ungraspable power. They stand right next to the great Primordials, even. It is their work that created the world of Dota 2.

    - or rather, it was the Elder Titan's. At one point he made an unforgivable mistake, trying to mend what could not be mended, and what we got as a result was a world dominated and ruled over by the Ancients. He is now bound to his accidental creation, perhaps still seeking a way to make things right and fix what he had wrought upon the world.

    The Weavers
    Appear to be considerably big insectoid creatures, at least in their visible physical forms.

    - Skitskurr was once part of the mysterious Loom, and was then left behind to watch after the fabric of reality with the other Weavers. Later isolated from them for disobeying orders.

    The Ascendants/The Transcendencies
    A very vague group of beings that may or may not exist in a visible physical form on this plane, it may send out individuals to this plane for them to live their life cycles. Their bodies are distorted and ethereal.

    - The Spectre appears to be either an Ascendant or a Transcendency, judging from her voice lines.

    Planeswalkers are very different, the name likely just calling a certain group of individuals rather than belonging to a race called "Planeswalkers". Still, it is possible that all planeswalkers belong to the same species. One way, or another. It's easier to sort them that way, anyway.

    - Barathrum goes between the planes for reasons connected with his own realm, which is the elemental one.
    - Having a very mysterious and distorted background, Mercurial is not an easy one to grasp - see above for more (if you're reading this from the bottom). Spirit Breaker gives a hint - she can very likely be considered to be a planeswalker not unlike him.
    , , , - Being able to shift between planes at their own will, Fundamentals can be considered planeswalkers as well. Even if it's like calling a T-Rex an avian.
    - Puck is acutely aware of the other planes' existence, and might as well have been there. Its' only wonder would be about the Outworld and why would one Destroy or, even worse, Demolish, let alone Devour it.

    Element of Disharmony/Planeswalker

    - The Tormented Soul is dubbed an elemental power in his lore (see Elementals). He also is referred to as a fellow planeswalker by Spirit Breaker. Nothing else would suggest that he has anything to do with other worlds.

    Creatures of Claszureme
    Those who enter Claszureme undergo rituals of the Acolytes of Clasz, which include mastering timebending and removing one's eyes. It may or may not be helpful that at least in probability, some of the denizens have none to begin with, spotting a hammefish-esque head with a rather normal mouth with purple skin and an overall humanoid structure, at least as far as one can judge from the sole representative.

    - Darkterror is a visitor from this world, who joins the battle due to the repercussions in Claszureme.

    The Race on the Rim
    An ancient species with gryphonnic bodies whose skin is more akin to stone. They spot mighty wings, allowing them to fly for prolonged time periods.

    - Was left a sole guardian on the outpost on the outskirts of this galaxy.

    The Cymurri Humanoids
    The only representative is an artificially bred being that resulted in the dissolution of all other individuals that existed in his realm. For what it's worth, he is blue, floats, and has a peculiar, clearly helmet-based, somewhat aquatic-looking head with bulging green eyes.
    - Nerif is that same Oracle.

    The Pantheon of Gods

    - It is a theory that the Zeus in the game is, in fact, the Zeus of our planet's Greek mythology.


    - Was held in a comet for centuries, circling across the stars. Probably couldn't remember for sure now, as his memory dissolves with every transformation.
    - The Undertree, Puck's hatchplace, is located who knows where.
    - A projection from outside time. It doesn't really clarify where he is from - in fact, he's from before the unvierse was created.
    - ???

    Everyone else who couldn't be put in the previous two cathegories, and belongs to a different, shorter list. Includes many heroes who were listed before for the sheer reason of their inclusion to those sections being pure speculation.

    , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

    Additional details:

    The Slithereen
    The Slithereen are evidently a union of underwater species, some of them joined together to form the Slithereen Guard. Or are a part of such union; it having the possibility of being the Meranthic Diaspora.
    An additional theory is that female individuals look astoundingly different and much more humanoid than the males, and go under the name of Nagas. Adding to the confusion in Slithereen social hierarchy, there seems to be a species called the Deep Ones that is revered by Slithereen Guards, that is subtly hinted to be not more than a higher layer of underwater society. Some, if not most, of the Slithereen seem to differ highly from those we've seen - they're unable to breathe air. In fact, sending criminals up for air is their method of execution.

    - Is the last of the so-called Old Guard, a devoted protector of the Sunken Treasury.
    - Former part of the Slithereen Guard, she now seeks a stolen chalice, forever banished until it has been recovered.
    - Slark was serving his time in the underwater Dark Reef Prison, later the only one to escape. Last seen in the vicious parts that connect with Shadeshore.
    - Well... he's a marine creature. A long shot, truly.

    The Naga
    If what was said about the Slithereen/Meranth Diaspora being a union of marine species is true, then Naga are definately a part of them - in the end, there is the hero that goes under the name of Naga Siren.

    - Her name openly implies that she belongs to the Naga species.

    A strange underwater race that worships Maelrawn the Tentacular and is in conflict with the Slithereen Guard.

    - Leviathan the Tidehunter who worships Maelrawn the Tentacular is nearly 100% a levianth... If we're to choose the road of the obvious choices.

    A race of small marine bipeds that combine features of a kobold and a fish in their appearance, their heads and jaws notably looking similar to sharks and/or piranhas. While they are able to survive under deep water pressure, it is likely that their natural habitat is closer to the top levels of the ocean. They don't seem to have much trouble staying alive in the open air; it would appear that their skin emits a water-like liquid to cover them regularly.

    - Slark was serving his time in the underwater Dark Reef Prison, later the only one to escape. Last seen in the vicious parts that connect with Shadeshore.

    The Gorgons
    It is not known if any other Gorgons beside the three daughters of a nameless sea goddess exist - the humanoid reptilian beings with snakeish features are only represented by them, and as of right now, two have gone missing. The fate that had befallen the remaining one makes her an unreliable source of information on her species' appearance.

    - Having traded her gorgeous beauty in exchange for power and might, Medusa searches for her sisters, taken by unknown masked assailants. All the while being uglier than a pug who had had a date with a chainsaw and was sealed in a dumpster on the Moon for a thousand years, becoming closely acquainted with its' insides.

    The Tribes of Dezun Order
    Judging from its' two present members, the race which the Dezun Order consists of humanoid beings with varying skin color, differently shaped ears and heads, them spotting rather pointed chins and somewhat flat faces.

    - Was and, technically speaking, still is a member of the order.
    - The order's prodigal Shadow Priest.

    People of the Wailing Mountains
    See this section in Humans.

    The Keen Folk
    This race is one of the few to have been given an actual name by Valve. They are the local equivalent of dwarves and gnomes - they're bulky, short, usually spot a beard (their provess in facial hair spans so far as to make it a normal occurance for a big bushy moustache to be grown in but three days, and that is considered long) and have an affinity with mechanical devices. Going further than that, they openly despise magic, instead preferring to survive through their own wit - which may sometimes result in unforseen consequences. It should also be said that they seem to have a long ongoing rivalry with the Oglodi race.

    - A revered battle master of the Keen Folk, creator of his titular set of Clockwerk armor. Is rather patriotic of his race and prefers to stick with Tinker and Sniper.
    - A scientist, the sole survivor of the Violet Plateau Accident. Has purplish skin, and is considerably short, or just has spine problems due to him strapping his hazard suit with laser and missile manipulators to his back.
    - Originally from the mountainous valleys of Knollen, he is led by a prophecy to make a shot as perfect as the one he once made. Unlike Tinker, he is bigger and more muscular than him. Also slightly less purple, albeit remaining very much so.
    - Is an engineer, who had retired from his duties years ago. He is nearly identical to the rest, aside from that he prefers to wear a mustache instead of a beard, but that's just pesonal style and appearance. It is not clear how many fingers does he have, since he wears mittens. Seems to have a lighter tone of skin - probably due to the time spent in retirement.

    - Razzil looks quite a lot like the three, but spots a few differences. He only has three fingers on each hand, and is even shorter than the Tinker, who appears to be the shortest of all present members of this race. His model, pulling way into the game, is referred to as "goblin" in the files. And it was heavily hinted that they might, in the end, belong to the same species - the differing amounts of fingers on each of the heroes' hands (four on both Sniper and Clockwerk, five on Tinker, three on Alchemist) explainable by their dangerous type of work and the Disruptor and Axe referring to him as a "small Keen". Still, see Small Keen for a more probable explanation.
    - Same deal as Razzil.
    - The Small Keen seem like the logical shot for the explosive trio, although Spleen in particular looks like a greevil hybrid. It should also be noted that all of them are greenish-yellow.

    Small Keen
    Small Keen, or "smallkeen", are a race of beings very similar to the Keen Folk in nature - as a matter of fact, one of them is probably a derivative of the other. They are extremely keen in technology and science and can be taken apart from the actual Keen Folk thanks to their more violent tendencies and differing looks. The Small Keen have less fingers - an average of 3 - and some of them possess prolonged chins and noses. It is also very common for them to be purple, or purplish-pink, much like some of the Keen Folk. Not much is known about their government or main settlements, but they clearly have quite a number of them across the lands. And quite a bit like their Keen cousins, they aren't particularly liked by the Oglodi.

    - Razzil the rider is called a Smallkeen by the Oglodi heroes.
    - Rizzrack's kin is not known, but he himself surely does look like a younger and a bit better shaved version of Alchemist.
    - All of the Techies distantly resemble the other Smallkeens, although there are differences, Spleen's bulk in particular.

    The Faceless Ones
    See this section in Humans.

    The Oglodi
    They appear to be bulky humanoid creatures with notably blank eyes, potato-shaped noses and large chins, descending from the windridden plateaus of Druud, where weather is omnimportant and decides fates. At one point, their civilization was considerably more powerful, having reached its' fall a long time ago. Their head shape is also rather specific. It hosts the Army of the Red Mist (now Bloodmist Army) and owns the Ultimyr Academy, and that while some of their individuals may appear rather dimwitted and shallow, they still are very good with various crafts, from smithing to arcane magics, and weather manipulation is one of their biggest aces just as well. For reasons not very clear, they dislike the Keen Folk quite very much.

    - Ex-general of the Army of the Red Mist. Now is, in fact, the army. Is much bigger than the others present (questionably) in the game and is red - most likely painted, though the Disruptor, for instance, is red as well - it might be possible that personas of great importance are painted red.
    - Spots all the same features Axe does. However, much unlike Mogul Khan, he has normal skin color - either not being part of the cast that gets painted or just originating from a different place. There also is a huge gap between one's intellectual level and the other's.
    - In a fashion similar to the Warlock's, Disruptor had spent a lot of time searching for pieces of lost knowelge, but instead of focusing on arcane tomes, he tamed the power of the storms by craft and magic. It should also be noted that while his eyes, similar to other Oglodi, are blank, they are white - unlike Axe's and Warlock's yellow ones.
    - Called an Oglodi by Bristleback, N'aix is quite different from the rest of the bunch, mainly because he has been rotting for quite a long time and is more of a living corpse at this point. The basic facial features of his are much akin to the rest, which is more or less enough.

    The Centaurs
    Some of the neutral creeps present on the battlefield are part of the artful in their brutish ways Centaur clans. Having evolved in a natural habitat that makes establishing prolonged existence a challenge (which is the tablelands of Druud), they have no appreciation for most things, lacking such basic things as written language, any kind of folklore or music, instead making up for it by seeing much more in killing and battle than any other race might ever find possible - their biggest cultural event being gladiator-esque fights on the arena of Omexe. It's rather logical that these occasionally horned half-equines are fearsome warriors. Quite similar to the Oglodi with whom they share land, some centaurs have blank eyes. The entirety of the Centaur race despises the mere concept of a saddle.

    - Bradwarden is the cultural savant of the centaur race, being the champion of Omexe who now seeks out challenge in battle outside of the land which is already closely acquainted with his works of art.

    The Ogres
    Described to be atrociously dumb creatures who have trouble with feeding themselves, let alone reproducing, they seem to be very muscular and tall, and also overweight. There are different ogres, some of them appearing to be smaller and having fur and tusks. Their skin and fur color varies from yellow to orange and blue. Their already questionable intellegence seems to be degrading over the generations - ancient ogres were skilled artisans and architectors. By ogre standarts. But at least they understood the concepts.

    - Is/are born every generation or so, spots/spot two heads and can actually function on almost the same level most other species do - adding to that, is blessed with Dumb Luck, an ability to fall unto streaks of impossible fortune.
    - Razzil rides an ogre - and a very intellegent ogre at that, being able to maintain a conversation with his master, obey his commands and talk in a rather eloquent (in comparison to other specimen) manner. His feet are alsdo structured differently. Either way, it isn't clear whether this ogre belongs to a different species altogether or this is just Razzil's influence.

    The Magnoceroi
    A people that are best described as the offspring of a fuzzy mammoth and a rhinoceros, those proud beasts that particularly inhabited the vicinity of mountain Joerlak, used to be commanded by a Matriarch and one more of their kin until the fateful day of the mountain's artificial eruption. It is also notable that they are considerably pragmatic, blunt and their horns are expensive and valuable beyond any cost.

    - Magnus is the magnoceros that lead them that fateful day. Now seeks revenge, accompanied by his most sharpest horn.

    Animal Features
    Those are all heroes who appear to either be sentient animal individuals, or are humanoids with beastly features.

    As of now, several can be distinguished as clearly feline, possibly belonging to similar races or species:
    - Is a humanoid with paws and a slightly twisted posture. Though that is likely the outcome of his serving to the Flayed Twins, he might have been born like that.
    - Azwraith has distinctive feline features, having paws instead of feet and a very specific face structure. It is not unlikely that it's his people who have organized the mysterious Golden Mane.
    - Appears to be feline as well, only much skinnier and fleshier and a differently shaped head. Though the similarities between the two allow to sort them into one cathegory, more or less.
    - Looks rather feline, at least facially. Maybe that's why they call him Lion; or maybe that's what daemonplasty does to you.

    The rest are as follows:

    - Is a giant spider.
    - A giant antropomorphic fur-covered aquatic mammal, Tusk is somewhat ursine in his appearance aside from the titular tusks. Comes from the city of Cobalt, which could be populated by similar creatures.
    - The closest Rigwarl gets to anything is an antropomorphic porcupine, with some primate features thrown in for good measure.
    - Meepo the Geomancer, all five of him, even goes as far as to refer to himself as a rat, or as pack rats. That being said, he does look like a rat with rabbit ears.

    A race of horned humanoids with goat features. Their sizes vary greatly from individual to individual - either that or they progressively get much bigger as they get older. Their highborns seem to have a particular horn shape and employ various ways of showing their status off, such as tailgrooming. Satyrs can be found in the neutral camps.

    - Was the middle son of the Tahlin dynasty. It having been massacred, he went on to become the Stealth Assassin.
    - Is noticeably small and has a rack, much like Riki. Might have been a satyr before death... Or whatever made him a green skeleton. See Undead, just below.
    - Shares most of Pugna and Riki's features, but his rack looks different and it is implied that it might be some sort of headwear. Additionally, one more of Clinkz's kin has undergone the same treatment as the Bone Fletcher. That one is now, somehow, his bow.

    This cathegory is for all creatures that are seemingly unliving at the moment. Types of undeath may vary.

    - Is a victim of a longevity spell, therefore cursed to expand his wraithly empire. The King is alarmingly tall and bulky - and that's him being a ghost - and spots vastly human features. His outstanding size and bulk have been a feature ever since he was a mere skeleton.
    - Being a green skeleton with a detachable head, Pugna is quite likely undead at the moment. It is not clear why or how he died. And, still, there is a possibility that what we see is, in fact, a suit of armor - the old grandmaster's animated remains, to be exact - for the child Pugna.
    - Was one of the warriors defending the lands of Hoven. Having slain the daemon Maraxiform, he forever stayed a flaming skeleton due to the king-mage's spell. Clinkz is quite short and has horns on his head, though they are shaped differently than Riki's or Pugna's, for instance. And there's also one other unlucky person who has become his bow. How that works is better left unquestioned.
    - Krobelus is currently at the line between life and death, a line which she still can't cross. Most of her body seems to be human, some of the parts having turned into ghostly ectoplasma, her skin becoming pale green. Also, see Ancient Heroes.
    - It isn't clear whether he was ever alive or not, him possibly being an animated being, but he certainly doesn't look like a living thing.
    - Was a human before being thrown into the Black Pool, lying there for a couple of eons, surrounded by permafrost. Spots all human features and a skeletal face, but his ears are pointed. See Ancient Heroes.
    - N'aix was cursed with longevity, and that - along with stealing others' lives - is the only thing that keeps him technically alive. Though after ages of imprisonment and whatever he had to go through afterwards, he looks like a rotting ghoul, to say the least. Also see Oglodi.
    - It is implied that he could have died during the Claddish Fleet's last battle. The cross on his forehead somewhat supports this possibility. Either way, if he really is undead, then he certainly looks much better and alive than the rest. He is likely a very convincing ghost, if anything. Or perhaps the seas just spat him out - for a ghost, he's awfully convincing in his captaining of a Keen fleet.
    - It isn't known what really happened to the Phantom Lancer when the Dread Magus Vorn was slain. He may very well be dead, an army of his phantoms under the command of a ghostly creature that he is now.
    - The Dirge bringer became what he is under the fittingly Dead God's influence, walking the earth as a deathless, lifeless, Undying corpse.
    - Having surrendered her body to the goddess Scree'auk, Shendelzare all but officially joined the ranks of the unliving.
    - The Ember Spirit has given life to what was essentially a pile of a dead person's ashes.

    Dryads are beings with a humanoid upper torso and an equine (most of the time) lower half who do not belong to the Centaur species.

    - Is half-human and half-stag, devotes her life to wandering across the world's forests.
    - Might have been a dryad before having been turned into what he is now. His lower half is currently undefinable, likely a horse. Warrunner spits out that he's like a centaur, only worse, and has other ways to suggest that at the end of the day, Leshrac's current form is unlikely to be very similar to what he used to be. The theory stands, though.

    The Mer/Meranthic Diaspora
    An underwater race that is constantly in conflict with the humans, they are also notable for its' Tidehunters, one of which is present in the game. It is not unlikely that they, being a Diaspora, are, in fact, a congregation of various oceanic races, in which case the aforementioned Slithereen and Nagas are a part of it. In this case, however, the Tidehunter is hardly a part of it anymore, as he, being an acolyte of Maelrawn, is certainly in conflict with some other parts of the Diaspora. That's if you don't consider the fact that Maelrawn the Tentacular could be the ruler of all sea life - or at least he has been one, as the old tales of the Summoning Sea tell us.

    - Leviathan is a rogue Tidehunter, who went on to worship Maelrawn the Tentacular, the Lurker In The Whirpool.
    - Is half Pallid Meranth. This race has the Meranth Empire, so the Pallid Meranth are clearly part of it.

    The Trolls
    Trolls are a viscious and very conflictuous race, prone to ending any argument in bloodshed, and extremely prone to bringing arguments up out of nowhere. There is a multitude of troll clades, Monger and Hill trolls among them. Troll males usually spend their youth in their mothers' cantonments, not contributing anything to society - that rarely changes upon adolescence, though. It would appear that trolls hold a matriarchic society. Dark and Forest Trolls don't seem to be part of the species for some reason.

    - Jah'rakal is a Monger Troll, and a rather stereotypical one at that.
    - Is half hill troll, half something else. He doesn't have a visible nose and has quite a lot of teeth.

    - The Techies, upon close inspection, have alarmingly troll-like tusks and general features, while still having keenish hight and mental prowess. It is not unlikely that they are a very unusual mix.

    - Looks a good deal like the Shadow Shaman and Troll Warlord. His chin is also much longer than the Shadow Shaman's. Their bodies and sizes, however, are very similar.
    - Of all things on the battlefield, the Trolls are the ones he is most akin to. While his mother's head is kind of present in the game, it's shrunken; but most of her features are akin to those of her son. He is way too deformed to be called anything for sure, and it is not very easy to judge the rest of his folk by a decorative shrunken head.
    , - Both share quite a lot of features with the Trolls mentioned here, but aren't referred to by Troll Warlord in any way.

    The Ursaj
    An Ursa is a somewhat humanoid creature with features of a bear, and, additionally, habits of a bear. The main throwoff are their ears, which are more like those of a hare or a rat. The ursine maw is also notably narrower than a bear's. Anyway, the Ursaj seem to have a matriarchic society, their males bent on protecting their homelands and cubs. A certain time ago, they did not have speech - this gift is one of the recent ones to be handed to the ursine race, the savage age when they used complicated markings and signals still celebrated to this day. The race went through a period of Tribal Wars where, among other things, iron armor was used for the first time.

    - Ulfsaar the Warrior is one of the most valiant defenders of his woods.

    The Netherdrakes
    The race of draconic beings which lived in the Nether Reaches for millions of years, they seem to rely more on their toxins and deadly poisons instead of fire. They are also considerably smaller than dragons, and spot some bat features.

    - Having been taken by a wizard as a familiar, he had managed to escape into the open world.

    The Skywrath
    The Skywrath are humanoid winged creatures, most notable for their arrogancy and hot temper. They are very easy to enrage and insult. Both usually end up in a skywrath unleashing his revenge on whoever decided to fool with him. Highly paranoid, have a guild devoted to scouring out flaws in the nobles. Revere avians.

    - Was first in succession for the throne of the Ghastly Eerie. Shendel is currently not exactly a skywrath, but a Vengeful Spirit. She is rather small for one of her people, and what is left of her wings suggests that those weren't exactly gargantuan either.
    - The creatively named Skywrath Mage, Dragonus, is a full-out skywrath - maybe not exactly as hot-tempered as they are stereotyped, but still, he has distinct avine features mixed with a generally human appearance.

    Those are gods, or, at the very least, beings created by gods themselves.

    - Was a god. Now tries to prove himself a trusty husband to his wife. Also has pointed ears, see Ancient Heroes.
    - Technically a creation of Verodicia, Goddess of the Woods, Tequoia burst from the last seed of hers.
    - Atropos has spawned from Nyctasha's nightmares, later feeding on her immortality and setting off to steal her prowess of invoking baleful visions and nightmares onto others.
    - Io is often taken for a divine entity by various scholars.

    The Demons
    There is no consistency between varying demons, it seems, as they look and behave in different ways. Most demons belong to their places of origin, only some of them, the Sovereign Demons, allowed to visit the physical plane by the Umbral Pact. One can, apparently, become a demon; and there are various places where they are present - and, quite importantly, one may imprison a demon in a corporeal form with not much of a chance of escape (which is what happened to some unfortunate daemonic souls that now serve as courier rams for Heroes). The one similarity that is pointed out is that all demons have crooked spines; Doom, Shadow Demon and Queen of Pain would like to disagree, though. On the other hand, one used to be a being of light, the second had to pull himself back from pieces and Akasha is a succubus.

    - Used to be a creature of light, who, after having been deprived of birthright and banished from his home realm, the Realm behind the Light, became a demon later on. He has a somewhat humanoid body with two pairs of limbs, burned wings, horns and a fleshy tail. Has a skull for a head.
    - Lives in the Abysm, the Stygian Pit where no other soul has peeked. That is, not counting those that are added into his ever-growing collection. Is an obscure creature with massive bulk, looking like a greatly jagged suit of daemonic armor brought to life.
    - Tried to take over the physical plane once, only to have his scheme stopped by the Shadow Fiend and Doom. Currently has a physical humanoid body with bulging purple skin, splitting tail, and a skull for a head - though it hardly is what he used to look like, him having to pull himself back together from small pieces.
    - The Demon Marauder had to have been a particularly peculiar delinquent, for he was sentenced to Hell within Hell - Terrorblade spent a decent amount of time in the prison plane of Foulfell, where he gazed into his own self's worst reflection. Currently at large, having broken out, his worst self at his control now.
    - Is a succubus, thus likely belongs to the species. However, her only similarity to the three above is that she has horns. Shadow Demon doesn't, though. And she also does not speak in Ozhkavosh, the language of demons.
    and his Golems - The Golems, to be precise, are enslaved demons from the Outer Hells. They are very primitive creatures, most likely brainwashed to serve Demnok Lannik with their lives. This is possibly the reason why they don't speak in Ozhkavosh anymore, since the language was likely erased from their memory.

    Elemental Beings
    Beings that are affiliated with elements, elemental planes et cetera.

    - Became an Elemental after discovering the painful truth of nature. Seems to take on desolation, disharmony, disorder, discord and despair.
    - Calls himself the Ice Elemental - quite logically, being a creation of eternal cold and ice. Also gives an idea on who the Enigma might be.
    - Is referred to as an elemental by Kaldr the Ancient Apparition. While it is an enigma which element he is supposed to represent, it is heavily implied that he is, as a being of void made flesh, the Void Elemental. However, Enigma himself prefers to state that he is a Fundamental, which is something Kaldr, being apparently lower than Enigma in the complicated hierarchy of elemental beings, might not know.
    - Fits as a Water elemental. Many other heroes, like Tidehunter, imply that he might have power over the waters of this world.
    - Was, quite literally, earth itself, that took form and set on to walk the lands of this world. Could be therefore dubbed the Earth Elemental.
    - Might possibly be a Sand Elemental - only he is, in fact, an artificial being, and it is not clear whether those can or can not be elementals.
    - Commonly called Bane, Atropos is, in fact, the Bane Elemental. Or, in other words, the Fear Elemental.
    - The Lightning Revenant has power over lightning (quite predictably) and electricity - coupled with his personality, he is an extremely likely candidate for a Lightning Elemental. His position and task are, however, rather unusual for an elemental being, as he is, essentially, a prison warden.
    - Belongs to an elemental realm.

    Stone Giants/Golems
    Beings of stone - or any other hard surface.

    - While his origins are unknown, Tiny seems fit for the name of a Golem. Or a splinter from one of its' heels.

    Servants of the Hidden Temple
    There is no other way to call whatever race Lanaya belongs, or belonged to. Either way, their humanoid features are only spoiled by prolonged ears - but that may very well be the influence of the Hidden Temple's misteries.

    - Is the Hidden Temple's own Assassin, devoted to keeping its' mysteries.

    Treants/Treant Protectors
    Massive, ancient beings that are, in fact, living trees. They are considerably slow, in both movement, thought and speech, being trees. Treant Protectors are found in the sacred forests behind the Vale of Augury.

    - Rooftrellen was sent by the other Protectors to investiage the open world in search of any new threats.
    and his Treants - Tequoia can create Treants from trees - they look similar to the Treant Protectors, only are much weaker and aren't as tall, most likely due to their short lifespan and small age.

    Creatures of the Primordial Night
    Whatever survived after the first crack of dawn.

    - Balanar is a muscular, predatory winged being with blue skin and a very specific face structure, which, in fact, allows his maw to open in several different directions, much like a venus fly trap or a squid would. It seems that he is one of the mightiest and toughest beings that were there, since he is, for one, able to survive the daylight.

    The Faerie Dragons
    A species with immensely long lifespans, they are capable of spending millions of years in their juvenile forms and still never grow up. Their motives are unclear, their magical powers undeniable. Their lifetime evolution is similar to that of insects.

    - Puck is a faerie dragon that prefers to spend its' seemingly endless life in form of a child, resting in chrysalis when playtime is over.

    Dragons are enormous reptilian winged creatures, capable of beating any enemy in physical combat or with their deadly breath, which may differ from fire to ice to whatever. In the ancient nocturnal times, dragons were much more bulky in nature - their scales looked and acted like sets of proper armor, and eyes were not necessary. The most reckless and talented brewmasters make alcohol of dragon blood - a tricky task in itself, it is even trickier to find one who would actually drink the stuff.

    - Is a Pyreaxe twinhead that combines abilities to breath both fire and ice in each of his heads. He also has duplicate pairs of wings and tails.
    - Davion is half-Eldwurm, specifically Slyrak. He is capable of breathing venom, fire and ice, changing scale color and physical appearance.

    Also connected with Drakes and Drakinds
    Dragonesque creatures; the difference between a drake and a dragon might mostly be one's name. The drakes, though, seem to be relatives of the extinct Drakinds; of those we too only know the name. There also exist prismatic drakes that are able to blend into their surroundings much like a chameleon does; they are also apparently able to be tamed.

    Perched atop the entrance to the Narrow Maze sit the looming shapes of sneering gargoyles, the paths into the hereafter forever in their gaze.

    - A dreaded gargoyle, the bound form of the eternal spirit Necro'lic, Visage is dispatched to retrieve souls that managed to escape the Underscape.

    Zealot Scarabs
    A strange species of social insect with abilities unique to all the seven planes.

    - The only member of the assassin caste of his colony.

    - ???

    The Dota 2 world is, much alike our own planet, a varied world, possessing oceans, mountains, jungles, cities, villages and more. Among those places are:

    • The Mad Moon - The Ancients' prison, now crashed and likely turned to dust.
    • The Kingdom of Slom - Birthplace of Karroch, the Beastmaster and Banehallow, the Lycanthrope.
    • The peaks of Nishai - 'Birthplace' of Raigor Stonehoof, the Earthshaker.
    • The cliffs of Emauracus, rumoured to hold an ancient being of great power - Place of enlightenment for Purist Thunderwrath, the Omniknight.
    • The Shadeshore Ruins - Birthplace of Sven, the Rogue Knight. Southern parts of Shadeshore are covered in carnivorous mangrove, albeit it is probably not impossible to live in those parts.
    • Tidemarsh - a vicious land that feeds on those poor unfortunate souls that either wander into their territory on their own or are led by local surviving denizens. Its carnivorous plantlife keeps to itself thus far, but one can only guess how long will it take until an occasional stranger is no longer enough. Borders The Ruelands and the Bleeding Hills. Current location unknown - its sudden disappearance from the maps is a subject of worry for some.
    • The Feral Road, which Sven had wandered through. It can be found at the feet of the Wailing Mountains.
    • The Riftshadow Ruins - Home to all five of Meepo, the Geomancer.
    • The Bone Ruins - Also often visited by the Geomancer quintet. Mostly ravaged by explosives.
    • The Thousand Tarns - Wiped of their people, the nation of Thousand Tarns, by Axe's Army of the Red Mist.
    • The stormy, windy steppes of Druud - homeland of the Oglodi, the race which the Disruptor, Axe and Warlock belong to. Also makes a natural habitat to the Centaurs, including Bradwarden, their Warrunner, and other four-legged clans.
    • The arena of Omexe - the Centaurs' ancient proving ground.
    • The Vigil Keep, home of the Vigil Knights.
    • The tropical Ash Archipelago - the place where Aurel, the revered engineer and inventor of the Gyrocopter lived after having retired.
    • The monasteries of Turstarkuri, ravaged by the Legion of the Dead God - Temporary home for the Anti-Mage.
    • The Isle of Masks, recently disappeared beneath the waves - Birthplace of Yurnero, the Juggernaut.
    • The Ivory Isles that were lost with the disappearance of their Defender, a mastercrafted sword, which the Juggernaut has now reclaimed for himself.
    • The Nightsilver Woods - Under protection of Mirana, the Princess of the Moon, and Luna the Moon Rider.
    • The Temple of Mene - referred to by Mirana; is likely dedicated to Selemene.
    • The mountainous valleys of Knollen - Birthplace of Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper.
    • The Hazhadal Barrens - Birthplace of Chen, the Holy Knight.
    • The cold northern realm of Icewrack, containing the Blueheart Glacier - Home of Rylai, the Crystal Maiden.
    • The blazing Desert of Misrule - Home of Lina, the Slayer.
    • The Kingdom of Candoness - held in terror by Uldorak the Time Dragon, which was slain by Davion, the future Dragon Knight.
    • The Bleeding Hills - Birthplace of Rhasta, the Shadow Shaman, they border the Kingdom of Elze and the Ruelands. Famous for what is essentially a mass of tar pits that greatly resemble endless rivers of gore.
    • The Hoven, a thousand-league wood at the base of the Bleeding Hills, home of Clinkz, the Bone Fletcher.
    • The Ruelands, the site of a bloody war where three kingdoms went up against each other in an attempt to seize the gold located in this region. Alas, as the winner began excavation, no gold was to be found, thus all three kingdoms withered in result of their conquering the virgin gold sources. The Ruelands border the Kingdom of Elze and The Wailing Mountains.
    • The Wailing Mountains and their plains, the place where Thunderkeg the elementalist and Raijin the celestial merged into one Storm Spirit. One of the world genesis theories implies that The Wailing One and his union reside high in the Mountains, thinking the paradoxal thought of creation. The Ruelands are located in close vicinity, and the Feral Road passes right beneath them. The late Kingdom of Elze is also nearby.
    • The Ruined City, placed deep in the Wailing Mountains, which serves as home for the ancient Order of Oyo and their Brewmaster, Mangix. Famous for its wheel books and their ominous songs of times long forgotten. Though some might say that the old books could also speak of the future.
    • The Fortress of Flares, which is lost somewhere in those same mountains, where Xin, eventually a cauldron of ash and for a long time the Fortress' master and teacher, used to live and train his acolytes. Abandoned after his death, even his ashes leaving when the Ember Spirit, the Burning Celestial, infused himself with them to make Xin anew.
    • The Uplands, a vast rocky plot of land likely located near the Wailing Mountains yet again, where general Kaolin and his army's statues were buried. The burial ground is currently dwindling due to how the Earth Spirit that lived in the stone they were made of gained consciousness and is now roaming free.
    • Mount Joerlak, notorious for its' master smiths, the local magnoceros tribes, lead by Magnus and his Matriarch, and its' sudden eruption which resulted in severe dwindling of the latter's numbers.
    • The Violet Plateau, shrouded in a permanent darkness after an experiment gone horribly wrong - Previous workplace of Boush, the Tinker.
    • The Trembling Islands, belonging to the Claddish people - Homeland of Admiral Kunkka. Might well be neighboring Keen lands, seeing how the Admiral (SPOILER ALERT) eventually washed up on their shores.
    • The Narrow Channel, located somewhere around the Trembling Islands, is the crashplace for an unknown prince's treasure ship.
    • The isle of Songs - A place where Kunkka stayed at some point in his life. What little is known of it is that it had a princess and at least one (1) sash of rare spider silk.
    • The Gleaming City of Levinthal, taken over by the Wraith King, then Skeleton King, Duke of Levinthal beaten in one on one combat.
    • The Fields of the Endless Carnage, where nothing may decay or decompose - Home of Pudge, the Butcher.
    • Quoidge, far to the north of the Fields of the Endless Carnage
    • The Petrified City of Saraddel - A city drowned in liquid obsidian and lava. Some of it was later used by Huskar, the Sacred Warrior of the Dezun Order as battle equipment.
    • The Sands of the Scintillant Waste - 'Birthplace' of Crixalis, the Sand King.
    • El'Harath, where the Ancient Sovereign dwelled.
    • The Highsand regions, where nomads wander.
    • The land of Halgareth, a desert with boiling hot temperatures and hallucination-inducing moonlight that used to hold an empire of prismatic towers - now but shards of glass that are easily inhaled.
    • The remains of the Empire of Bones, now covered in wraith essence - Home of Ostarion, the new Wraith King.
    • The mist-shrouded peaks of Xhacatocatl - Place of origin of Strygwyr, the Bloodseeker.
    • The smoldering caldera of Mount Pyrotheos - Home of Black Arachnia, the Broodmother.
    • The Magnetic Ziggurat, now without its master.
    • Crey, an underwater city, once protected by Slithice, the Naga Siren's Guard.
    • Dark Reef Prison, the underwater Alcatraz where the worst sentient marine life has to offer are sent - Slark the Nightcrawler's previous place of inprisonment.
    • The town of Toterin - presumed to have fallen, in due part thanks to Techies Demolitions and their Land Mines.
    • The settlement of Trapper Town - presumed to have disappeared, in due part thanks to Techies Demolitions and their Stasis Traps.
    • The city of Dredger's Blight - mostly turned into a crater, with definite thanks to Techies Demolitions and their Remote Mines.
    • The Acid Jungles of Jidi Isle, with its nearby Bay of Fradj - 'Birthplace' of Lesale Deathbringer, the Venomancer.
    • The Yama Raskav Jungle - Birthplace of the Batrider.
    • Places north to the lands of the Ursaj - hunted by the ursine people on a regular basis to eliminate beasts that may threaten their cubs.
    • The Cathauran Deserts, infested by dragons, one of which is Tegu the courier.
    • The Cathedral of Rumusque - Previous workplace of Rotund'jere, the Necrophos.
    • The Kingdom of Elze, containing the Tower of Invocations - 'Birthplace' of Akasha, the Queen of Pain. Located close to the Bleeding Hills and the Wailing Mountains, straight by the sea (ocean?) border.
    • The Ultimyr Academy/University, containing the Arcane Archives - Workplace of Demnok Lannik, the Warlock.
    • The highlands of Prefectura - Previous home of Zharvakko, the Witch Doctor.
    • The dungeons of Devarque, the prison complex that previously held N'aix, the Lifestealer.
    • The rebel camps at Highseat, infiltrated by Gondar, the Bounty Hunter to capture the White Cape.
    • The remote and peaceful village of Pole - Azwraith the Phantom Lancer's birthplace.
    • The slightly less peaceful village of Zaru'Kina, destroyed in a storm - birthplace of Lyralei the Windrunner.
    • The Vale of Augury and the mountains beyond it, where the mystical woods from which Rooftrellen the Treant Protector originates lie.
    • The city of Augury Bay, ravaged by savage living trees for reasons unknown. Rizzrack, pilot of the Timbersaw suit, is one of those who got away with their lives.
    • The land of Yhauron, famous for it's Confectioniers and the fact that it's pronounced nothing like the way it's written.
    • The Gorgon realms, ravaged and pillaged by unknown assailants - home to the Gorgon sisters, the youngest one, Medusa, still on the chase after those who took the remaining two.
    • The land of Lordran, enigmatic and mysterious, which has something to do with the Sisters of the Veil. Who knows what is it that "they" whisper about it...
    • Cobalt, an unspecified place Ymir, dubbed the Tusk, seems to originate from.
    • Stonehall, a ruined land that is famous for its Cartularium and the fact that it is from there that the Last Strike martial art tradition hails. In addition, it is where Legion Commander Tresdin and her Bronze Legion used to be stationed - until the fateful day of abyssal destruction, anyway.
    • Vuur, a land by the Vuucrag mountains, with its Sagesmiths.
    • The demolished realm of Keyturn, whose aesthetes were responsible for most astronomical achievements of the current world, copying them into the sacred Book of Heavens. Now lost.
    • An ancient kingdom that has been destroyed by the Blade of the Dark Ancients.
    • An unnamed land where invertebrates live and know nothing of bone, skillful artisans at that.
    • An unnamed kingdom famous for its textile production, sole one to be spared in the then Skeleton King's expansions for their gift.
    • Uncertain: Aeol Drias - Studyplace of Nortrom, the Silencer.*
    • Uncertain: The Undertree - Puck the Faerie Dragon's birthplace.**
    • Uncertain: Ulmarain - a land famous for its steelworks.***

    *Nortrom studied under the Order of Aeol Drias. Aeol Drias might refer to a location in the Dota 2 world, but it might also refer to an object or a person. Silencer's lore is rather unspecific about this as it says he studied in a hidden cantonment within the hills overlooking the Hazhadal barrens, without naming said cantonment. Therefor, this has been noted as uncertain.

    **Puck mentions The Undertree as her/his hatchplace, but it is not known whether it is located in this world or in any other one.

    ***The way it is described in Axe of Phractos' flavor text, it may not necessarily be a place, but a person. It is unclear.

    These are not the only locations in this vast world, as there are plenty of other dimensions and worlds to go around:

    • The space before realms, that's where Elder Titan comes from. Because he had to create them all from somewhere.
    • The Nothl Realm, the last journey for some to take up their place among the gods (Almost the case for Huskar, the Sacred Warrior), while it grant others their powers (the case for Dazzle, the Shadow Priest).
    • Claszureme, a realm outside of time, yet adjacent to the world of Dota 2 - Place of origin of Darkterror, the Faceless Void.
    • The Underscape, containing the Narrow Maze, a realm similar to Purgatory - Place of origin of Razor, the Lightning Revenant and Visage, Necro'lic's Bound Form.
    • The Abysm, a realm no one has ever peered into - Inhabited by Nevermore, the Shadow Fiend.
    • The fabric of creation, carefully cared for by the Weavers - Place of origin of Skitskurr, the Weaver.
    • The sealed and unchanging subterranean Nether Reaches - Birthplace of Viper, the Netherdrake and Pugna, the Oblivion.
    • The 'Land Behind the Wall' as it is named by Ish'kafel, the Dark Seer, the realm where he originates from.
    • The Outer Hells - Origin of Warlock's Golem.
    • The Outworld a.k.a. The World On The Rim, full of crystalline formations in the branches of which visions of the future are vowen - Origin of Harbinger, the Outworld Devourer.
    • The Hidden Temple - Lanaya, the Templar Assassin's current place of employment.
    • The Seven Planes - Mentioned in Nyx Assassin's lore.
    • The Ruined Keep - the one where blind smiths operate. They forged some of Chaos Knight's equipment, and knowing his multidimensional personality, it's unlikely that it is anywhere in this world.
    • Foulfell - a daemon prison realm. Has been broken into and out of, Foulfell shards can be found in relics of present times, hungering for daemons to imprison. Most recent breakout credited to Terrorblade, the Demon Marauder.
    • The billions of dimensions that the Oracle Nerif was born in, created, and dealt away with simultaneously, filled with such exquisite histories... that could never be accessed again due to the explosive, degenerative paradoxes that consumed the sprawling continuum.
    • Polymorphia - Probably the plane Morphling's comet originated from, or, perhaps, something entirely different. Regardless, its' power, pressed into shards of fancy cosmetic items, still accompanies the watery being, reminding him of itself.
    • Theory: Our Planet Earth - Origin of Zeus, the Lord of Olympus.

    Valve themselves have added a work-in-progress game world map and additional pieces of lore for certain regions in a recent update. The available portion can be viewed here, and it will likely be expanded later.

    This list contains most of the species are encountered in the Dota 2 world but would not be encountered in our own world - in other words, wolves, tigers, birds, etc, are left out of the list (with an exception of the octopi, who claim a spot). The only exception would be the Platypus, because it's such an awesome animal, but unfortunately, none have been sighted as of yet.

    The list is non-exhaustive, as some particular specimens are very evasive and there is little to their history. Officially recorded and fully available, at least.

    • Ogres*
    • Kobold*
    • Trolls of most kinds, aside from Dark and Hill*
    • Vhouls*
    • The Undead*
    • Harpies*
    • Centaurs*
    • Satyr*
    • Golems*
    • Hellbears*
    • Wildwings*
    • Jungle Stalkers*
    • Stormhides*
    • Dragonspawn*
    • Darkrays, underwater creatures that are particularly small and sturdy. Used in the clothing of the Slithereen.*
    • Greevils, short impish creatures of varying looks that have the appearance of a horrible experiment in merging the Keen Folk and lizards. They are extremely dangerous, being able to absorb magic and learn some of their own, with nothing to stop them from assembling into an impish horde with a single common goal. While one may argue that greevils can be tamed, the dangers of keeping one with you are extremely apparent; some speculate that a greevil horde of appropriate size might well be the undoing of the world as we know it*
    • Eldwurm, a race of dragons
    • Primordials, those who sealed the Ancients in the Mad Moon
    • Drow, the short, trollish and rather repusive people
    • Steepstalkers, strange, cliff dwelling creatures, living in the mountainous area of Knollen
    • Skywrath Scions*
    • Locuthi, a stunted species of burrowing dragons that melt sand into tubes of glass to collect the water from rare rains
    • Werebats, bats that evidently turn into lupine creatures during... an unspecified moment in time
    • Batmeleons, bats that are chameleons at the same time
    • Pyrexae dragons, with abilities over ice and fire*
    • Faerie dragons*
    • Slithereen*
    • Levianths*
    • Mer
    • Netherdrakes*
    • The Weavers*
    • Morde-bats, of which one has been tamed by the Batrider*
    • Noninfernals
    • Lesser Spectral Consorts
    • The Pallid Meranth (Dependant)*
    • Octopi, an octopedal marine life form with a positively gripping devotion to astronomy.
    • Gigas, gigantic creatures with an impressive rack.
    • Alces are less gigantic creature with a less impressive rack.
    • Cameloides suffer the same fate Alces do, not able to compete with the Gigas.
    • Zebu are prideful creatures with thick, spiraling horns.
    • Aurochs are animals not much unlike the Zebu.
    • Hlothl-beasts, feathery beings found around the mountainous empires of Xhacatocatl.
    • Kraken tortoises, a delicacy among the Mer.
    • Kraken themselves, gargantuan squids with a fixation on sinking ships. Sometimes hunted by Kunkka.
    • Cholgar, creatures whose teeth are often blessed by the ursine people to bring luck.
    • Yando, the swamp dwellers of Prefectura, their souls are occasionally used by the locals.
    • Stryders, armless raptors which are used by the remaining Oglodi as riding animals.
    • Splattering forcipules, a (mostly) insectoid centipede-like life form found in the jungles of Jidi Isle, who spend all their life bound to one place, ambushing their prey with deadly toxins.
    • Spitterpedes, a species that the splattering forcipules are distant relatives to. Likely just as revolting and venomous.
    • Zealot scarabs, a strange species of telepathic social insects whose abilities are unique to all the planes.*
    • Gargoyles, beings who watch over souls entering the Narrow Maze.*
    • Magnoceroi, gargantuan beings with features similar to those of a rhinoceros, albeit being rather similar to elephants and the gang. Proud and blunt, they are favored by hunters due to their horns' expensiveness. Not many [hunters] survive.*
    • Oyoloe, mysterious elusive beasts thought to be legend. It is not all too clear whether there were or are multiple oyoloe wandering the lands right now, as the one antlered beast that was known about has been slain by Windrunner.
    • Bookwyrm, an anthropomorphic dragon-esque species of imp-like creatures that appear to dwell in the vicinity of books. In particular, they can be found in the libraries of the Ultymir Academy, which the Warlock curates. Some of them can be rather literally lost, as they are an intelligent species and read quite a lot - sometimes getting themselves into unwilling binds of slavery as a result, and sometimes forgetting where they arrived from if the book storage is too large.
    • Sparrowhawks, a species the name of which speaks for itself. Are often used in the production of various cloaks, bows and other pretty things.
    • Zonkeys, zebra donkeys. Live in deserts; don't have many natural enemies aside from Heroes. Therefore are likely predators.
    • Smeevils, impish in their appearance, usually serve smiths, bound to them by oaths. However, they also show a great deal of interest in the tortoiceros creatures, some of them, like Murrissey the courier, even going as far as to break their oaths.
    • Boxhounds - conundrous creatures - or creations? - that are, in essence, chests with legs and a single eye. They're often very savage, prefering to eat whoever comes close, but some are quite friendly - like Lockjaw, who behaves more like a dog.
    • Druffins are avine-looking dragons that used to inhabit an island in the Samareen Sea, but have been driven to the point of extinction by sailors since they were edible. That is partly due to the fact that they lack sense (basically, aren't very bright) that helps other species survive, but their fearlessness makes them excellent couriers on the battlefield.
    • Golden skippers, marine creatures presumed extinct. A weird mixture of a butterfly, a frog, a fish and a peacock that somehow manages to look pleasant and not utterly terrifying.
    • Hellwethers, or at least a singular nigh-mythical creature, spot a head similar to that of a goat and are currently more or less presumed extinct. A hellwether(or the Hellwether) is depicted on the Vanguard artifact.
    • Greenflies, insectoid creatures that live in colonies, preferring to peacefully feast on Treants. One of the Lecaciida colony has went off to find adventure and ended up a courier.
    • Spiked ravagers, beasts that inhabit the regions where the Ursa people live. To kill one is a holy ritual for them, the beast's carcass later put to extensive use.
    • Steambears, who inhabit the steppes of Druud.
    • A mysterious race long extinct, which has somehow managed to produce a brand new bow, currently property of Drow Ranger, therefore putting any hopes of finding out its' true story to peaceful rest.
    • Weaselcrows, shapeshifting creatures able to quickly swoop into forms of either a weasel or a crow at will.
    • Litigons, a subspecies of lion and tiger. Basically, it's just a big striped feline with a respectable mane.
    • Ottragons, a dragon sister species. Has a representative in Osky, who shows that they are more or less just more dimunitive and have a moose-like rack.
    • Wyverns, creatures similar to dragons, at least in how the Dragon Knight hunts them, too. There was a specific Crimson Wyvern, now slain. Rumors are that Winter is coming, and the Winter Wyvern, its' representative and sovereign, will follow... (*?)
    • Giant vyolet shrylls, peculiar bird species, whose wing tips go through the Nothl realm while their body stays on the material plane.
    • Grillounds, seemingly daemonic creatures. A mix between a cerberus and an oven. They can be tamed, though their ability to seemingly breathe fire isn't helping.
    • Hexapi, somewhat anthropomorphic octopi. Useful as item couriers, even able to survive outside of the marine environment and float using their tentacles.
    • Metamorphers, a species of caterpillars. They seem to pretty much follow the same life cycle butterflies do, but they are much more enduring and loyal.
    • Thunder lizards, thought extinct but persisting in very small numbers in the vicinity of Druud, one at the Disruptor's disposal. Your more viscious skinny red dragon raptors.
    • Icewrack tusk foxes, creatures the image of which is well within the range of common imagination and well out of range of images one would want their imagination to concoct.
    • Great gigantic arcoch, a species that inhabits Icewrack.
    • Triple-tailed howling wolves, found in the colder regions.
    • Sea dragons, gargantuan marine monstrsities with near impenetrable shells, subject to hunting raids by the Slithereen.

    * Indicates species that are found in the jungles of the battlefield or might have a hero belonging to them.

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