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Thread: Disarm sound effect - Heaven's Halberd, Defeaning Blast, Icarus Dive

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    Disarm sound effect - Heaven's Halberd, Defeaning Blast, Icarus Dive

    The disarm effect needs to be as clear as the Silence effect, it's similarly important as silence just for a different set of heroes. Disarm can heavily influence the outcome of battles and it very frequently happens that in the thick of it people don't realize they are disarmed, ingame people sometimes even think there is a bug.

    I suggest to add a very distinctive sound effect, again as noticeable as silence, maybe shattering/breaking swords-like. Maybe the effect should even play again when you repeat your attack command (just like silence plays again when you attempt to cast a spell despite being silenced). I have made a seperate post for a different/better visual effect.

    The sound effect should be universal for all disarming abilities (Heaven's Halberd active, Defeaning Blast, Icarus Dive from Phoenix).

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    +1. Totally agree on this. and a noticeable SPECIAL EFFECT to back it up.

    Most players think its a bug that they're not attacking since Disarm is hardly noticed.

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    In huge flashy battles, minor effects like disarm tend to drown. So I would support the idea of a repeatedly annoying sound
    "silence, silence, silence!"
    Maybe just "disarm"?

    I would also like to see a visible indicator above the heroes heads.
    For silence we got a mask like icon with a red X over the mouth, which indicates silence.

    Maybe two, broken, crossed swords above the heroes ?!
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    Please yes! When disarming someone I often waste all the disarm duration just by thinking whether it really did disarm or not. And even when you get disarmed, you just can't notice it!

    A massive + from me.

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