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Thread: Ozkavosh (Demon Language) Dictionary

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    So... Doom is the former master of both SF and SD? They all come from the abyss (instead of only SF) so... the lore for SF will be updated i guess.

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    Yes. Doom is the devil. You know, the ruler of hell?

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    Now this is awesome!
    Quote Originally Posted by vladhood View Post
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow

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    Question. Doesn't Warlock speak "Demon" sometimes? I mean he seems like a human who would know to talk to demons since he can summon one.

    Or are these something completely different?

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    mmmm Lemonade, yeah sweet Lemonade

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    Reminds me of the Klingon language in Star Trek. I wonder if people will take this to the extreme and start talking to each other in Ozkavosh.
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    A very nice point, are those incantations in demonic? or what?

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    mb Qop should get some very very little lines but WL for sure should use some of them!
    I like this very much.
    I wonder what is
    " Thanks for LOVLEY game"! in demonisch
    Quote Originally Posted by Ttempest View Post
    Duh... its the IceFrog dude. Kinda like Chuck Norris just in Dota.

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    I believe Warlock uses a different language, a set of verbal incantations, to be precise. I don't think that what he says can be considered an actual language.

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    QoP should how to speak Ozkavosh, since she is also a demon after all, and I doubt that her mother (or creator) teaches her English before Ozkavosh. Can't wait to hear her seductive way of speaking Ozkavosh =).

    It would be nice if Broodmother, Weaver and Nyx speak to each other in insect language =)). Yeah yeah I know they are not even in the same race or world.
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