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Thread: Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by iishy View Post
    I really like the re-design/refinements of some stuff. I just wished that they refined the old dashboard because it was really nice having a lobby. It almost feels like bnet right now which is not a good thing.
    Kind of feels like a fan made photoshop job. Nice touch with the spectator thing in the background though, but not really worth the trade I dont think

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    I think the new dashboard has too much "white space" since everything has been kind of shrunk down.

    The moving background is distracting to me unlike the one that was in games like Left 4 Dead. I think it is because that there is actually info I want to see in the Dota 2 dashboard so it is just distracting while trying to do that.

    I don't care for the new pick screen but I am not a new player to Dota 2(or the original Dota) so I don't need the sorting option. This might be useful for newer players though, so don't want to dismiss it offhand as it looks polished. I would like the option to set it to default to grid though.

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    My (mostly negative) personal feelings:

    So much dead space! Who decided that utilizing space was a bad idea?

    I don't want to see a blog post when I open my game. If I had any intention of web-surfing, I would use my web browser, not hop into DotA 2 so I could check out the latest blog.

    I don't like that chat and friends are now smaller. This gives them less presence and makes the whole community experience feel secondary, whereas before it felt like a very integral part of DotA 2.

    Losses and abandons are now only viewable when you click on your profile, and even then they appear smaller/less important than wins. Why give the information at all if you're just trying to save people's feeling from being hurt?

    Overall, I was a big fan of the old UI, and I don't like the new UI very much if at all. What others have said about the comparisons to BNet feel spot on, and that's just not a good thing.

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    Interesting choice, i mean, we got now less useful space, i love the design, but why is the chat so small? just make everything bigger and the background less important.
    Use the space and dont clutter it with a wallpaper or this background!

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    I expected awesome things when i read the changelod, but really this just made my jaw drop for all the wrong reasons.

    First thing i noticed, the flimmering background. It seriously gives you aids. Then the soundeffects? SO annoying, like wtf? it was OK when you had to hear it when clicking stuff, but now ALL the time :S just painful.

    Then its some really poor usage of space, i have a tiny screen and the text even in the menu is now really hard to read.

    The chatbox is.. i mean.. why? didnt like it before either but now its just, useless? Chat bottom with friends beside is the way to go imo. But maybe it whould be fine if it was just attached to the side and bigger?!?

    and like OP said, no top-live etc also my UI seems to lagg? i have a really strong pc


    The colors are cool (color themes? =)) and the upper menu is a sweet improvement (tho really small on my screen).

    +-0 for the other changes

    EDIT: The new "watch" is big improvement, old one was a mess.

    Also, keep up the good work
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    -Feels cheap like one of those free asian mmo's coded by a bunch of kids in their garages
    -lacks refinement
    -lacks borders
    -are not optimized (performance-wise)
    -too much wasted space
    -eyefinity still not working

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    The new layout is indeed terrible. I enjoyed how simple the other one was. The old dashboard didn't have this..disorienting reddish-pink surrounding everything. I liked the "Set in stone / pillars" look the other one had. That, and the right side of my screen is totally traffic-jammed. Not very nice, particular after the nice, flattened approach the other interface had. The "" style lobby was cool by me.

    However, the interface does feel a bit more snappy and responsive here. And the in-game browser (which is exactly how I'm replyin') is rather sharp! It works REALLY well!

    Overall though, it's pretty bad.

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    Completely agree with the OP. On every point. I miss the big artwork of the newest hero...that big window to the blog is just hidious. There was a link to the blog and that is enough.
    Also, the sound when you go over the tab almost sounds futuristic...and same goes for the style of the UI. I would prefer the dire-rock theme that was used for the hero-HUD.

    And I really miss the opening stone-door that made the game start up with a literal bang! The animated background is appreciated but I would prefer the entire screen being useful rather than nice looking dead space.
    It all just seems like such a step back to me.
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    Pretty much agreeing with the OP.

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    Is this just feedback in general? I guess I'll just throw out my opinions. I'm gonna act like I know what I'm talking about, but I don't. :-P

    -Sound effects don't seem to match the DotA 2 "feel" and are unsatisfying. The subtle hover-over sounds and chime sounds of selecting the different menus all just feel a bit too "passive" for the game. After getting accustomed to the sharp, crisp sounds from the Beta dashboard, it gives off a sort of relaxing mood opposed to the "adrenaline" sort of feeling (unless that's what you guys were going for). The select "chime" lasts a bit too long and gets really irritating upon quick selection between items.

    -Player name, Chat, and Friends windows all seem to be a bit overpowering for what they are. When I switch to the Learn tab, it feels as if the significance of the champions is put on the backburner when they're an integral part of the game.

    -None of the windows are "anchored" to a side, giving me this feeling that I can move them when, you know, I can't. I understand it's to see the cool new animation in the background, but having them floating there, attached to nothing gives me this uncontrollable desire to move them.

    -I too, miss the "live matches" from the previous Dashboard. It really enhanced the competitive atmosphere of the game, giving an implication, up-front, right when a player opens a game that there is always something going on. Please return it, it creates this sense of "sport" that I felt made DotA 2 feel really professional compared to other games.

    -Hero Portraits and Skills area in Learn tab feels squished. The animated portrait on the top of this long, vertical area seems heavy, and is barely supported by the lack of information or pretty much ANYTHING below it. Not sure what the remedy would be but something about the Learn tab is definitely bothering me. Minor irk: the hero names are in normal case, while their primary attribute below their name is all caps-lock. I get attempting to maintain consistency with the grid, but think it might (WHO KNOWS?) look better the other way around with the hero name in all caps.

    -Can hitting "Chat" and "Friends" open them up bigger in the main window as well? Being able to hit my player name and it opening up my stats in the larger window is pretty cool to me, actually. But not having the other windows in that sidebar not do anything is a little disappointing.

    -I actually like the animated background, it reminds me of my Warcraft 3 days haha. Maybe some ambient sound effects though would be great to not keep it stale, but then again, those could get incredibly annoying.

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