My biggest gripe with the Hero Picker is that it goes back to the scroll view once you've selected the grid view. While in grid view, I'd still like the ability to view suggestions/team mates.

Why was the grid view changed so drastically though? The new one doesn't even come close to utlizing the amount of screen realistate that was available in the original grid. what I mean is, when I click on a hero before, it would have that side panel which would display abilities and stats. Now i'm taken back to the scroll view to the same information and I feel like it is just breaking the grid experience in order to show off the cards/scroll.

Can the grid not be refined to be more condensed in order to fit the reccomendations/team mates/hero information side panel? The card thing is cool, don't get me wrong, but could it not be loaded into the side panel instead of forcing out of grid view to scroll view just to display it?

I probably would not use the scroll view at all if given the option. I think the old grid worked too well. The only thing I would consider the scroll useful for is single draft/default view of favorites. There is just too many heroes in the game for the scroll type of UI to work effectively, IMHO. If you could hook up a preference setting for default filters in the scroll view (Favorites, Hero Role, Attribute, etc..) and default view (Scroll/Grid), I think it would work a lot more effectively.

I'm a little perplexed at the moment though. How exactly does this "recommendation" system work? I can't seem to figure it out.(