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Thread: New adjustments for weaker pc's

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    Having a HUGE FPS drop here too. My PC feels like a god before the new patch with all settings to max and all.

    But now it feels like my PC can't even handle a simple UI change since it lags so much in the lobby that I could barely move my mouse.

    EDIT: I tried using "+dota_embers 0" and it certainly didn't help at all. It managed to increase FPS on some parts but most of the time, just plain lag.

    Annoying, honestly. Low-end PCs will now have a hard time since the game hogs a lot.

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    Is this still lagging on low-end PC's? any chance to get a fix? ... cuz tonight is the night, and i dont wanna get fkd up by lights sparkles and cosmetic stuff

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    buy a new pc

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    Wow O-o, the new dashboard dont give me problems at all D:
    It is all good but I agree that the new dashboard can be a little strong for weaker pc"s
    But i think that new dashboard it is still in beta so they can change a little things
    But that new dashboard looks AWESOME

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    The patch today seems to had fixed the problem
    Im very thankful now even i can enjoy the new dashboard

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    Turning the embers off slightly improves the FPS drop for me, but it's still definetly there.

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    Even after turning off the embers, it still lags heavily in my profile. I could run the portrait animations just fine before, no clue why it would make my fps drop now. :/

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    Yea, the Profileside with the three most successful Heroes are hurting my poor computer. Does'nt happend before with the old Menu.

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    My dashboard is fine until I start looking at my Dota profile. Just massive drop in FPS across the whole board: So slow embers, slow mouse, and using the In-Game Overlay is also very laggy.

    My specs:

    core i5 2400 OC'd to 3.8Ghz
    GTX560 1GB 810Mhz
    8GB 1600MHZ Ram
    128GB SSD

    Dota 2 Graphics settings: Max for everything, NVidia Drivers set to Max performance for Single Display, with Threaded Optimisation. Rest is application controlled.

    Those should be relevant towards this =]

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