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Thread: New Hero Picker feedback

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    New Hero Picker feedback

    It is so messy, laggy, complicated, not cool, too dark, bad contrast.

    The Old Grid View is much much much better. So much clarity and performance wise better as well. Please valve do not over do it. Please don't change it into the new one :'(

    New One

    - Hard to navigate (most important one)
    - Colours really blend ( can't recognize the hero right away .. I play Dota for 7 years and DotA 2 for 5 months)
    - confusing
    - waste of space
    - laggy ( my pc not too powerful)

    Old one

    -Clear, concise and well organized

    Positive thing : suggest hero idea is nice
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    I really don't understand what they are trying to do either.
    Are we playing Magic the Gathering or something? Why would we even want a card based selection? Why would it be default? Why were man hours wasted on making this and has whoever made the grid view ever heard of proportions? Everything is extremely stretched.

    I'd like to give some constructive feedback, but to be honest it's just a complete mess. All of it.

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    I really don't like it. Even the grid view I don't like. Its like I'm playing some kind of Pokemon game on iTunes. Totally unneeded change IMO. I can only make some kind of assumption that this is maybe for future cosmetic items. I hope not though, cause its not the kind of things I don't think many veteran DoTA fans will like. We'll just have to see how this plays out.

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    I won't call that constructive feedback. At least tell us why and how to make it better.

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    My first thought was:
    ''WTF is this shit?''
    I don't want to select heroes by sort or role, I want the old grid so I can pick 1 hero out of the whole pool with a way better clear sight.
    If you were used to wc3 dota with clicking taverns and hero symbols, this trading-card hero picker is your worst nightmare. The grid system was so much better since you had all heroes on 1 look.

    It simply takes to much time to pick heroes. And time is what you have the least. I can not imagine tournaments working out well with this absolutely awkward hero picking system.
    Aswell, it simply hurts my eyes, for this I formally request VALVe to return the grid hero picking system and not to overtake the trading-card hero picking system into the 'real' dota2 beta built.

    I think alot of people, especially those who also played the good old wc3 dota, will join my opinion. I made some test games and everyone hated the new hero picker.

    So yeah, this is an absolutely negative, yet honest feedback about the new hero picker. I hate it. Alot of other players hate it. Simply remove this shit and we are fine.

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    To be honest, I've yet to see any positive feedback for any of these changes. The old in-game interface and all of it outside of the game was perfect and now it's all atrocious

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    I agree, they don't need to make the hero picking system fancy, it was great the way it was and it's the same with the dashboard, simple is good in this case. Plus, i dont have a gaming computer by any means but this just feels a lot more laggy

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    I do not like the hero picker at all. I find it confusing

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    I don't really see how can you make it better. The whole concept is just wrong. You have 76 heroes and having to scroll through each one of them is ridiculous. If the point is to make it newbie-friendly, it has failed miserably because seeing full info about the hero is now much complicated, you can't see all the skills of a hero just by clicking on the hero icon. Also the overview of all heroes is missing. The grid view doesn't really help because it's just the cards minimized. I don't understand what is this scrolling system trying to achieve.

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    I agree, the new hero picker is a huge step back. it just has a wrong feel to it, the old one was simple and easy to use why change what is not broken.

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