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Thread: I'm the one who loves it?

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    I love how anybody who likes a particular change call others whiners and "it's for progress hurr durr." You don't even list why this change is better than the previous one. The previous one allowed you to see every hero, which allowed you to quickly pick the hero you wanted without having to scroll/type the name. So how does this card roulette system help at all? I believe it would be better for SD and RD. However, a better solution would be to just get rid of the heroes in a grid format. But whatever. You guys can circle jerk about how you're standing up for Valve and believe whatever they do is gold.

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    I adore this.. I think I am going to have babies of this thing it's so amazing that clears every hater ideas out.. right away..

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    My thoughts on the hero picker:
    i love it. i love how much info the cards give. there is much potential for functionality to be done here and it is obviously not yet finished. as the game progresses, people will eventually have favorite heroes, obtain items, equip them, suggest heroes to teammates, etc. you just can't do them with the old grid style with just the filter. plus, the filter in this one is an improvement as well having Recently played heroes, favorites, best played, and heroes you have cosmetics available, etc.

    reducing the number of cards when filtered also is a good touch rather than just simply graying others out like the old one(which is still similar to the grid view in the new one btw), you get to choose heroes easier.

    on function: it is easy to conclude that in the new card based system, you will find it difficult to scroll through all heroes to look for the one hero you are looking for while in the old one, you could see them all. it could be argued that the Grid view is still accessible. also, if you know which hero you want to play, the search function is still there.

    if you are simply trying to play without any hero in mind, the new card based system offers a variety of ways to lock in on a hero which works for me. aside from the variety of filters, scrolling randomly until you find a hero you like and view the hero easily gives those who have a hard time picking a free -random, there is also a Pick a Random hero function. it just doesn't work with the grid style(it does, you can close your eyes and aim your cursor at a random space)

    regarding the look: as with other elements of the entire game, this is highly subjective and if the mass of player base deem something gamebreakingly ugly, valve would have to respond.

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    Meh, I love it too! It's cool.

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    me love long time
    Shut your and keep reading

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    I was wishing that the first reply to the title would be "Yes."

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    Stuff won't ever change, it's else "I love it" or "You're a retard for loving it".. If you guys were diplomats I think we would be at WW8 by now

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    You're not alone. Remember when the new HuD came out and all the people that cried, screamed and raged? Never heard any of it anymore after a couple of weeks. You OP are just blessed to surpress you natural feelings to dislike any kind of change. The stupid mass however cannot.

    I think the new hero picker is far from perfect, but I like the overall concept of it. There are just a couple of things which I find really odd that it's implemented:
    - carousel wheel for 104 heroes is just never going to work, make grid default.
    - add the possibility to check out one hero (spells, stats etc.) without removing the whole view on the hero grid
    - I personally have some trouble with identifying all the heroes in grid mode, since the colors blend pretty much and the icons are small, needs an adjustment imo.
    When Valve just ignores all the whiny trolls and keeps improving it I think this system will actually look good while staying simple and effective.

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    Its very hard to pick or even find heroes but yes it looks good if that's what your looking for

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    At first I didn't like this new hero picker, but after messing with it for a while I am beginning to like it. You still have the option of viewing the heroes in a grid view, which also has it set up in a way that is easier to view for me than the original. In addition, the favorite characters and other stats options seem like a very nice idea. I think that this should be incorporated into the learning tab because with all the filters it can really help to figure out which characters you are interested in checking out.

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