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Thread: Hero Selection Screen & Description

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    Hero Selection Screen & Description

    Hi everyone,
    Sorry if this has been posted already.

    Before a recent patch? If you clicked on a specific hero during the selection screen - you would be able to read the hero's primary role (i.e. carry, ganker etc..)

    ES for instance: Before it would say INITIATOR now.. it says initiator, disabler, and 3 more words xD

    What do you guys think? I think Valve should describe each heroes restricted to 2 words MAX. I just hope Valve won't overdo too much...

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    The oversimplified/pigeonholed roles before was a problem that most people acknowledged. I say it's better to have more potential roles listed than less.

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    It is better if you can restrict it.

    1 word was not enough but 4 for ES is too much. Meet me in the middle Valve, I think 2 is solid, good and clear.

    Edit: I use ES as an example since he is the only one I can remember

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    but characters change roles according to meta and many have multiple roles even without different builds.

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    Then maybe they should split into 2 specific categories:

    Primary Role: Support/Initiator
    Secondary Role (or sub-role): Carry

    I think writing all roles in 1 line doesn't really look very appealing with comas in between :/

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    they need to add spaces between. It looks unprofessional and terrible with the words all clumped together.

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    Yep. Spot on Slashdance. It looks "unprofessional" I completely agree with that

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