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Thread: My opinion Hero picker and Dashboad

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    Cool My opinion Hero picker and Dashboad

    Okay there are updates for it, and we are here to speak what we think.

    My way of analyzing
    Pick Hero 0/10
    Motives: Very messy, need to pick fast, and the former was much more simple and organized easy to think about.
    I suggest you go back to the old grid, and place the cards in the system "learn" it beginners 'll know heroes which begins, not when we have which looks at what we pick.

    Dashbord 2/10
    The background and excellent, more in the real website? to see one website can use your browser, and another chat was very small and confused, the old way had the news of the new hero with a beautiful art work, which gave an impression of a good game, that excited us..

    That my opinions

    Sorry for the bad English, I live in Brazil and used google translator
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