Hi! Here are my suggestions:
  • The new card system (I'll call them big and compact, since there r 2 view types) is really uncomfortable for picking, especially the big one. It takes pretty much time to search for the hero in this type of picking. I offer having the big card system for "Learn" tab ONLY (along with the compact 1, same as it's in the hero picker now), and only the compact one for picking.
  • Even if you switch to compact mode, if you click on the hero, you'll return to the big cards mode. Why can't I just have the compact mode without returning to big cards?
  • When you hover your mouse over hero icon in compact cards, it becomes bigger and you can't actually see the cards near it and that's really bad:
  • I also very like the "hybrid" concept from this thread:
    The advantages of this concept:
    - Easy and comfortable pick phase.
    - No need for switching between pick modes, so it becomes even more comfortable.
    - No need for making the icon cards becoming bigger when you hover your moves over them (since there will be a big version of the card at the center of the screen).
    - If Valve make also shift+leftclick for quick pick it'll be even more comfortable (especially without shift+enter)
  • A bit off-topic but still: the portraits of the cards are very dark (for example look at Tiny!), I think it shouldn't be like that.

And here's the bug I found:
I clicked on a hero I wanted to choose (Spectre), then switched to compact mode and picked the hero by alt+enter, and everything worked well, but on the next game I started I got this: