I like it, when Developers try new things. The new UI for menus is somewhat nice, somewhat strange. I will give this a week to see, if it's nice.

My PC-Specs are:
1600*900, Maxed Settings
Nvidia 550 TI

Good things at first:
I like the new suggestion-mode. And the new Noob-Take-This-Noob-Heroes-Thing.

But I have a problem with the new heropicker.
First: To view every hero in the scrolling-mode, I've need several minutes. That's weird and not really communicative.
Second: It's damn unresponsive. It's slow. It lags. Every click seems to take ~50-100ms to think about. So my mouse-input seems stucked and laggy. Don't get me wrong, with cheats + -wtf I can view a spamming Zeus + Shivas Guard + Earthshaker without any issues with around 45-60fps. But the heropicker lags for me. This is the main-issues I can't live with.

Thanks for reading.